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Curlyheadmonty | How old is Curlyheadmonty | Career | Net worth | Social media | Love Life? Updates 2022

How old is curlyheadmonty

How old is curlyheadmonty?

Curly Head Monty is an American Instagram dancer and social media promoter. He is known for his short dance videos that he posted on his Instagram account ‘curlyheadmonty’. He is also known for his YouTube channel ‘CurlyHead Monty’ where he uploads fun videos ranging from challenges to pranks.

How old is curlyheadmonty

And a budding actress and actress, Curly Head Monty is inspired to share his talent with people from all over the world. He loves to entertain people with his artistic skills. He also likes to make some jokes and this is what compels him to create comedy content over and over again.

Despite being so young, Curly Head Monty has achieved so much! Today, he is very popular on many social networks.

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Speaking of his personality, the American dancer and web star is a high-profile person and believes in reflecting his true identity in the world. He has three siblings who she usually stays with and enjoys. Even though he is too young to date seriously, he still has a girlfriend!

How old is curlyheadmonty?

In this section, you will find Curly’s birthday, place of birth, and more. Many people like to explore where their beloved idol was born and raised.

How old is curlyheadmonty?

Curly Head Monty was born March 1 2006 in New York. As you may already know, Curly is best known as the Instagram star.

Curly is a talented dancer, budding model/actress, and is a social media activist who has garnered over 1.6 million followers on Instagram by posting short dance videos on his curly head monty account.

Featured on “Top 10 Best Dance Videos” on YouTube. In addition, Curly also belongs to the Instagram Star group at PopSlider.

What is the real name of Curly Head Monty?
The star is yet to say whether the real name is real, but many of his fans believe it to be a nickname. Photos and videos of Curly’s social network show his life. It is heartwarming to watch a young man and his girlfriend become role models for their teens. His life proves that social media does not degrade young people unless they allow it.

Curly Head Monty History

Curly Head Monty was born March 1, 2006, in New York, USA. A 14-year-old child grew up with five siblings; three older brothers and two sisters. His sisters are Daiiibabyyy and Lyric Thomas.

He attends elementary school in his hometown. The celebrity became famous for his solo dance videos with the group he posted on social media. He dances with his friends and siblings. One of Monty’s most popular videos is his clip of the dance Pipe It Down.

He has a Tiktok account manager who monitors the progress of his video and communicates with his fans. Curly launched the YouTube channel on April 16, 2016, for comedy content, the same thing he did on Tiktok.

However, his YouTube channel is very entertaining and has gained thousands of subscribers, likes, and views in less than a year. The world loves Curly’s TikTok reaction, Fortnite pranks, TV commercial pranks, and challenges on YouTube.

curly head Monty net worth

Many fans love the luxury and flexible lifestyle of their favorite photographers. Therefore, many fans have questions in their mind such as “How rich are Curly in 2022?”.

So, in this section, you will find out about the total amount of Curly, income, cars, houses, and all the good things your idol has.

Net Worth 2020 $ 100,000 – $ 1 Million
Net Worth Last Year (2019) $ 100,000 – $ 1 Million
Annual Salary Updated
Major Source of Income Instagram Star (work)
Vehicles Updated
By 2022, Curly Head Monty has an estimated value of $ 100,000 – $ 1 Million. Curly made a lot of money with his work as an Instagram star.

However, Curly properties, cars, real estate, and more information are not yet available. We will review it as soon as we have enough information. So, stay tuned.

The promoter of social media is living a luxurious life. He hasn’t said he has a full price, but he is earning lots on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. YouTube stats show that Monty makes over $ 300k a month.

curly head Monty social media

Curly Head Monty is popular on various social media platforms. He has a lot of fans following Musical.ly (now TikTok) where he loads the covers of popular songs. He also shared his short dance videos on Instagram and has some respectable fans there as well. Currently, Curly Head Monty has over 782k followers on Instagram.


Talking about his work on YouTube, his channel was launched on April 16, 2016. His first video on the channel was ‘When Shmateo Comes To Your House’.

This was followed by many funny videos, such as the TikTok reaction, TV commercials, Fortnite antics, and so on. Within two years, Curly Head Monty has gained over 354k subscribers to its channel. Young YouTubers also appeared on “Top 10 Dance Videos” on social media.

Curly Head Monty’s best-known video is based on the hit song ‘Pipe It Down’. In this video, the social media promoter demonstrates his singing and dancing skills. He also shared his dance videos on his curlyheadymonty TikTok account with over 1.2 million followers and followers. As a model, Curly Head Monty has received photos of his published in several local books.

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  1. How old is curlyheadmonty?

16 years old

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