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Nicole Murphy looks stunning in her new brief video and she also share a snap of her tone body structure. Click here and get to know everything in detail.

Nicole Murphy – tone body – Instagram post.

As it can be seen through various posts and photos as uploaded by Nicole Murphy that she is doing great as a fitness enthusiast. She (Nicole Murphy) is getting all sorts of deserved happiness because of her hard work in this fitness field as chosen by her. As Nicole’s continuity in sharing things through her Instagram handle her fans always remain updated. 


Recently the first wife of Eddie Murphy revealed the toned body structure through her official Instagram social media handle. A few days back Nicole uploaded a brief video where she was seen running while stylishly wearing a swimming suit. 

In that short brief video of Eddie Murphy’s former wife, she was seen wearing her swimming suit which was very colourful along with a shade which had a rectangular kind of shape and finally footwear (specifical sandals) of orange colour. Nicole Murphy maintained her look in a very stylish manner, and every Instagram user must have fallen in love while watching that video.

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Although that video of Nicole’s was captioned with ” heading towards a pool party”. Her top of the swimming suit had multiple prints where it was seen a person’s face covered with a mask which was in perfect coordination with her blue, red, and brown coloured skirt. 

Nicole Murphy is currently fifty-two years old and she still never fails to maintain her style and look even though formally she has taken retirement from modelling or related industry. She proves the fact that to keep your fashion sense along with stay healthy and fit, you don’t have to be young. 

During March, when the outbreak of coronavirus was at it’s the initial phase, Nicole, who is a mother to five children, was seen on the streets of Los Angeles.

Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy tied their knot of marriage during the year 1993. But unfortunately, the marriage of the former couple (Eddie and Nicole) only lasted for a decade. But both of them Nicole and Eddie, fortunately, took a good decision after regarding their children and their welfare, as they mentioned the fact that the welfare of their children cannot be neglected at any terms, as it still tops the priority list.