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18 Year Old Custodian- Ray Ray Mcelrathbey, Life, Movie Safety, Kids, Family, Career, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings

There has been a lot of buzz regarding a movie called Safety which was released in 2 0 2 0. This movie was inspirational and breathtaking. It was pure heaven for drama lovers. But this movie was not only a fictional movie for drama lovers but it was a lot more than that.

Though little information was fabricated to add some viewer’s interest and make the plot more engaging. But as said earlier it is not just a fictional drama movie. This movie was adapted from a real-life story, a life story of struggle, love, and responsibility. The movie safety is based on Ray-Ray Mcelrathbey.

He caused quite stir by his life story, well saying it as life story should be wrong because he has a long way to go in life, it can be said as a rough phase in Mcelrathby’s life that gave inspiration and a sense of responsibility to everyone who got engaged with the movie.

Here is some information about Ray Ray Mcelrathbey, about his life, about his school which might be a little fabricated in the movie. We will know about Ray Ray Mcelrathbey’s wife, family, net worth, etc.

Ray Mcelrathbey wife
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Ray Ray Mcelrathbey

Ray Ray Mcelrathbey is a former football player now turned actor. He started his struggle journey even before getting admitted to college, but successfully did his job and did what was his responsibility efficiently. As shown in the movie Ray Mcelrathbey’s wife’s information and dating life information was a bit fabricated to create more interest in the movie plot but further, we will know more facts.

Ray Ray Mcelrathbey age, birthday, zodiac sign

Ray Mcelrathbey was born on 1 9 8 7, but his date of birth is not known yet as he has not disclosed anything about the day he was born. By going his year of birth Ray Mcelrathbey his age is 3 4 years. His zodiac sign is known to be Libra, well he does show the characteristics of a Libra, let’s see Ray-Ray Mcelrathbey’s wife zodiac whom he has dated for long enough and now has a beautiful family.

Ray Ray Mcelrathbey birthplace and upbringing

His birthplace in Atlanta, Georgia and he grew up there. He had a rough childhood and a house crowded with seven siblings. Though his love and passion was always football. He was raised in Atlanta with a big family.

Initially, his name was “Rah Rah” but later he changed to Ray Ray under influence of his aunt, who mockingly gave him this nickname. He liked it and took it as a real one. There are a lot of views on this nickname by Ray Ray Mcelrathbey wife

Ethnicity, nationality, religion

Ray Ray Mcelrathbey is a Christian by religion, his nationality is American, he has mixed ethnicity. He is an African American, ethnically.

Body measurements

Well, it’s what attracted Ray Ray Mcelrathbey wife at first, lets see his body stats. A young lad with an athletic career of course would be fit and immensely attractive.

His height is approx. 6 feet 3 inches or 1.83 m, his weight is approx. 63 kgs or 138 lbs. His biceps measure 21 inches. His eyes are black and his hair is also black. His shoe size is 17.5 (US). Being athletic is normal but still, he is a fitness freak.

Ray Ray Mcelrathbey wife, Relationship, family

He is married and has two kids. Ray Ray Mcelrathbey wife is Brit Mcelrathbey and his children’s names are Ramon and Tristan Mcelrathbey. Other than that he has seven siblings and his mother and father who both have some serious issues, due to which he and his siblings had a rough childhood.

Ray Mcelrathbey wife
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Ray Ray Mcelrathbey career

He was named ABC News world tonight person of the week on September 2 0 0 6. He was ranked at 50 in high schools recruits. He started his career at Clemson and never looked back after that.

Ray Ray Mcelrathbey net worth and assets

His net worth is $ 2 million and he hasn’t disclosed anything about his house or cars. He likes to keep his life pretty private.

Social media appearance and followers

He is on Instagram with 16.6k followers and he is also on Twitter with 505 followers.

Ray Ray Mcelrathbey early life

He had a rough beginning in life.  His mother was a drug addict and was torturous towards her drug issues and his father was addicted to gambling. This displays how rough his childhood was. Well, he was not alone in this disturbing childhood he with his siblings suffered the same.

This rough phase continued till his freshman year. Just before his freshman year, his mother went to rehab leaving the family in very bad condition. In such a situation when Ray Ray was 18 years old, just before joining Clemson‘s he took the custody of his little brother, a huge responsibility that he wasn’t even ready for, but still with lots and lots of struggle he did raise his brother, Fahmarr Mcelrathbey.

Well, he was not alone in his struggle he got huge help from his teammates and college. For him, a trust fund is set up to support his brother’s upbringing. Well, juggling college, football, and his brother’s upbringing were difficult for him. Still, he kept ongoing.

Ray Mcelrathbey wife

Ray Ray Mcelrathbey movie “Safety” and real-life parallel

Well, everything shown in the movie isn’t all true. The movie was a bit fabricated for entertainment purposes. Their parallels were, in the movie, it’s shown he was 19 but in real life, he was 18 and he took the responsibility of his brother just before joining college. It was shown correctly that his mother was a drug addict and went to rehab. The phase with his dating life was incorrect.

Ray Mcelrathbey wife
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Whose story is shown in the Safety movie?

Ray Ray Mcelrathbey

What is Ray Ray Mcelrathbey’s Instagram ID?


What is Ray Ray Mcelrathbey’s brother’s name?

Fehmarn Mcelrathbey

What is Ray Ray Mcelrathbey’s wife’s name?

Brit Mcelrathbey.

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