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After gaining many followers Kamala Harris is now getting threats from her past relationship with Former Mayor Willie Brown

Just a few days back everyone got excited when Kamala Harris step forward to challenge President Donald Trump. Since the day she has joined the Democratic party with Joe Biden. Fundraisers are in support of her. Many popular faces including former President Barack Obama tweeted for her good fortune.

Now that the race of politicians moving forward and elections coming nearer new rumors and speculations have planted. The Democratic senator from California is facing some trouble because of her past relationships with Willie Brown. The situation is enough worse to make the whole plan go change and Kamala dropping out from the election.

Who are Willie Brown and his words about their relationship?

Willie Brown served as the speaker for California’s State Assembly for 15 years and was a two-term mayor of San Francisco. Due to his long term of service to all he is also known as the San Francisco political machine.

The two came along in the mid-1990s when William got separated from his wife almost a decade ago. She met Brown when he was 60 and Harris was 29. Though he was separated from his wife, people still consider their relationship as an extramarital relationship.

He confessed that the two in a relationship a long time ago, he also said that he had a huge influence on Harris as he appointed her as two-state commission when he an assembly speaker. He helped her to win in her first political campaign.

Kamala’s decision

As many people are now questioning Kamala Harris by her character and that she could be a bad example to set as a president. In regard to this controversy, Harris decided to opt-out of the election for the president. All the supporters were against her decision as they believe that Kamala was innocent, she should step forward to prove it.