HomeBooksWill "Winds Of Winter" be getting a release in 2021 ? After stalling the volume for almost a decade, will writer George R. R. Martin finally release the 6th installment of the epic fantasy series "A Song of Ice and Fire" ?!!! Stay tuned to find out more !!!

Will “Winds Of Winter” be getting a release in 2021 ? After stalling the volume for almost a decade, will writer George R. R. Martin finally release the 6th installment of the epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” ?!!! Stay tuned to find out more !!!

Winds of Winter

The 6th installment of the epic fantasy series A Song of Fire and Ice is supposed to be getting a release. But is it going to be this year? Winds of winter are purported to be a fresh volume in the forever prolonged series by George R.R Martin after its most recent book is A dance with dragons, which was released back in 2011! Well, the 5th volume took as good as 6 years to be completed, but it has almost been near to a decade after writer Martin announced that the series will be getting another installment.

Winds Of Winter

While some fans are anticipating a release this year, the rest of the community has almost given up or is near as gone after waiting this long. Well recently a post went viral which featured the beloved author Mr. Martin hanging around with the Hollywood elites at MetGala, and this somehow raged the fans which lead to questions  as, “Why is George R.R Martin at Hellfire MetGala and not writing the book ??!”

Well, there is always a restraint on how much people can hold back, but the moment they break the chains, the restrain is gone, and that is exactly what the fans are experiencing right now. Fairly and generously, to be honest, the author has at least, been updating on his Twitter handle that the book is yet to come, dropping hints as little rays of daylight amid all the chaos raging, in which  he states – “Winter is still coming, and Winds remain my priority .” Furthermore, he also admitted the fact that he will not be taking in any new scripts and tends to finish the book before Game Of Thrones releases its sixth season.

At the moment we can expect a release of Winds of Winter, it is entirely possible, but not exactly likely. So what are we to expect from the latest book fellow readers! Let’s find out.

Winds of Winter: Expectations from the Book

Right now, author Martin has only one resolve, and that is to meet the end of Winds of Winter. Well, we have been graced with some sample chapters which are rounded up as follows :

“Theon” – Following Theon Greyjoy. Martin released an excerpt on his website.

“Mercy” – Following Arya Stark and her new life in Braavos.

“Alayne” – Focusing on Sansa Stark. Martin released the full chapter in 2015.

“Arianne” – Following the Dornish princess. Martin released the chapter on his website in May 2016.

“Arianne II” – Another chapter following the princess. This one promises danger.

“Barristan” – Following the famed knight of the Kingsgaurd. This chapter was released in the paperback version of Dances with Dragons.

“Tyrion” – Following the Imp on his adventures.

“Victarion” – Following Victarion Greyjoy.

“The Forsaken” – Following Aeron Greyjoy who’s held captive in a labyrinth of dungeons by his brother, Euron.

but that is about it. The following chapters were released around 2016 on author Martin’s website.

Winds Of Winter

Well, the author did mention that the worldwide pandemic and the lockdown have helped him create his best work so far. He is said to have written hundreds of pages and is yet to add more. Well, we can expect a humongous book at this rate, but it is something that the fans deserve after being on the line for so long!

It’s speculated that In the South, the Winds of Winter will be focused on Civil War: Dany, Aegon, and Euron all clashing.

Winds Of Winter: Rumors

It’s been 10 years since the last book in the series of A Song Of Fire And Ice came out, well the last book took almost 6 years to complete as well and it comprised near 1000 pages. One tome of a book, and just when fans thought that the series has come to an end after its fifth installment did the author announce the renewal of the book as “Winter is still coming”. The highly anticipated sixth installment of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter, will attempt to wrap up a complicated set of plot lines from A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, 

It is yet to be completed and thus George R.R Martin continues to write in his labyrinth, while the fans continue to wait. The Winds of Winter presents Martin with his toughest challenge yet since there is such a huge mass of storylines to continue and thread together.

Winds Of Winter

This living and breathing epic fantasy series remain as complicated as ever. As George R.R. Martin continues to work on The Winds of Winter, consider the number of storylines the author is attempting to weave together convincingly. Hopefully, the payoff will be worth the wait.

 Winds Of Winter: Release Date

Well for all the fans out there, Winds of Winter may be closer than you think it is and this is undoubtedly one hell of news for all the Game Of Thrones fans who have been waiting for almost a decade now for the 6th installment of the in American writer George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. The highly-anticipated sequel has been delayed countless times over the years, as Martin has struggled with writing it.

But Martin is a gardener though, once he sows the seeds, from the nourishment to the growth, he nurtures every page with words and emotions beyond one’s comprehension, and that is where he stands tall, with a garden of flowerets. Fair enough to keep the audience waiting, but why take this long though, in all honesty, the patience is running thin!

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Martin revealed that he wrote “hundreds and hundreds of pages” of The Winds of Winter in 2020, on this official account — noting that it was one of the few good things about last year, which he also described as “probably the worst year I have ever lived through.” Martin said that, as a whole, 2020 was the best year he’s had with Winds of Winter since he began writing it.

The author did go on to note that he still has “hundreds of more pages” to write before he can bring the novel to what he calls a “satisfactory conclusion.” Martin also added that he hopes finishing the novel is “what 2021 is for.”

Winds Of Winter

Martin’s update is an exciting one. Knowing that he wrote several hundred pages of The Winds of Winter in 2020 means that the author may be in the final stretch of writing the book. If that really is the case, and Martin does manage to finish it this year, then Game of Thrones fans could conceivably expect to see The Winds of Winter released sometime in 2022. That’d mean there was an 11-year gap between the release of The Winds of Winter and its predecessor, A Dance with Dragons, which came out back in 2011.

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