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Is Dylan O Brien Single? Exclusive News!! Love Life | Relationship Timeline and much more here

Who is Dylan O Brien?

Is Dylan O Brien Single: Dylan O Brien is a 29-year-old American actor. He is popular for his appearance in MTV paranormal Teen Wolf. He was amongst the main lead in all the seasons. He has been nominated for various awards. He has won Teen choice awards twice for Deepwater Horizon and The Maze Runner in 2016.

He is most popular among millennials and has made an impact on them after his appearance in Maze Runner and Bumblebee. He was also seen on various Tv Shows like a Teen wolf as the lead character. Everyone is looking after him to reveal his private life and know more about the insights regarding his love life. He seems perfect to all as he has a great sense of humor with dashing looks that can steal anyone’s heart.


Is Dylan O’Brien Single?

Is Dylan O Brien Single: Is Dylan O Brien Single? What’s the reality? To whom does he commit his private life? All the fans are curious to know the answers to these questions. Many rumors were spread throughout about his relationships. Read the article till the end to know Is Dylan O Brien is Single or not.

Is Dylan O’Brien Single
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Dylan O’Brien and Sarah Ramos

Is Dylan O’Brien Single: After the recreated scene of the movie The Social Network by Sarah and Dylan on Instagram, rumors have been spread around about a thing between the actors. However, later it was discovered that they were not shooting together and nothing is up between the two. The fact was the shoot was carried separately in their homes and the clips were compiled together.

Dylan O Brien and Chloë Grace Moretz

Is Dylan O Brien Single: There were rumors about both the fine actors that they are dating each other in August 2018 when a photo was out in which it looked like that they are dating. Something got to the Us Weekly like, “Chloë and Dylan have always had a friendly relationship.” Also, it was said that they don’t like to be noticed together. However, none of them confirmed the rumor and it’s still doubtful.

Dylan O Brien and Selena Gomez

Is Dylan O Brien Single: Selena Gomez, a famous American actor is in contact with Dylan O Brien since 2011. Dylan seemed to be falling for Selena but took a step back as she was dating Justin Bieber at that time. However, his friends posted a video on YouTube in which Dylan confessed his feelings for Selena. He also said that he will not interfere in her relationship as he respects that.

Dylan and Selena were later photographed together chatting in Teen Choice Awards. The happiest people to see this was their fans who loved seeing them spending time together and happily engaging in conversations. This was the start of false news and fake photographs of them together. There were stories about their affair and few photos which never existed. However, the truth was that Dylan and Selena never got together.

The fans didn’t miss any gossip and looked for every opportunity possible. They linked them together in posts stories and whatnot.

Is Dylan O’Brien Single
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Dylan O Brien And Britt Robertson

Is Dylan O Brien Single: Dylan and Britt Robertson first met on the set of ‘The First Time’ in September 2011. Britt Robertson is a 31-year-old American actress who has played the role of Aubrey Miller in ‘The First Time. She started her career in acting at the age of 10 in 2000. When the two of them met at the shoot they fell in love with each other. Soon after, they started dating.

They kept the details about their relationship private. Also, to maintain the balance between professional life on the same set and personal life they decided to keep it a secret. They were together for a good amount of time i.e., six years still the details about their relationship are unclear to the fans as they never shared much about the two of them.

In 2018, they were seen split as they didn’t spend much time together and Britt was often seen with some other actor. US Weekly reported in December 2018 that the couple broke up. Britt dismissed their photos together on Instagram and the fans were so disheartened by their separation and were so confused about the situation.

Is Dylan O Brien Single? Exclusive News!! Love Life | Relationship Timeline and much more here
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What is his current status?

Is Dylan O Brien Single: The fans have been waiting to know about Dylan’s relationship status so cutting to the chase it’s confirmed that he is single as of now. He is paying more attention to his acting career and wants to dedicate his time to it. Dylan is not having an affair with anyone in 2021. He is working hard towards his goals.



Q: Is Dylan O Brien single?

A: Yes, Dylan O Brien is single.

Q: How many relationships do Dylan had?

A: Only one relationship of him with Britt Robertson was confirmed.

Q: Who is Dylan’s Girlfriend?

A: Currently, he is not dating anyone.

Q: Did Dylan date Selena Gomez?

A: No, they both never dated.

I hope this was helpful. That’s all about Is Dylan O Brien single? Stay tuned to know more about the celebrities!!!

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