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Makeup Artist Bailey Sarian Age: 32 or 34? Life | Love Relationship | Career | Facts

About Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian Age: Bailey Sarian is an American personality who has taken over millions of hearts on Instagram and is often referred to as an ‘Instagram star’. She has profound makeup skills which she usually show-case on her social media handle. Bailey Sarian is ambitious towards her goals who is incredibly reaching heights. The efforts she puts into her work are commendable and this is the reason why everyone is a fan of her makeup skills. She has her own series ‘Murder, Mystery and Makeup’ on YouTube.

Her Life

Bailey Sarian Age: Bailey Sarian was born on 26 November 1988 in the United States of America. There is not much information regarding her family as she has always kept it private. She has two siblings.  Since her childhood, she had a keen interest in modeling, makeup, and fashion. Bailey Sarian was supported by her parents in pursuing her dreams. She can be seen as a dedicated and focused woman. Bailey completed her graduation from Paloma Valley High School at Menifee, California.

Makeup Artist Bailey Sarian Age: 32 or 34? Life | Love Relationship | Career | Facts
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Bailey Sarian Age

Bailey Sarian Age: The confirmed age of Instagram Star Bailey Sarian is 32 years (as of May 2021).

Her Relationship

Bailey Sarian Age: Her relationship stories can be heard all around. Bailey’s fans have an immense level of curiosity to know about her relationship front. She is attractive and loved by all. Cutting to the chase, she is married to Fernando Valdez. Bailey and Fernando were together since 2013. Fernando is also an artist and his center of talent is Graffiti and street art.

The factual information is still not shared by Bailey i.e., wedding date, celebration, etc. which gives us a hint that they are just engaged as of now. However, it’s evident from their photos that they are leading a happy life together. The couple set a benchmark for many millennials.

Makeup Artist Bailey Sarian Age: 32 or 34? Life | Love Relationship | Career | Facts
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Bailey Sarian Age: Bailey Sarian is doing amazing on the career front. She is earning a remarkable amount of income from different sources. She has been earning quite a lot from YouTube by brands, ads, and a lot more. The credit simply goes to her hard- work and skills. Initially, she worked at Sephora, a multinational brand for over five years. She worked as a professional back then and did makeup jobs for weddings, commercials, and music videos.

In the meantime, she thought of giving up the job and decided to take another path and start her journey on social media platforms which turned out to be the best decision for her. She started with the three most famous platforms viz Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. She started posting videos on YouTube in 2013 while working as a freelance makeup artist.

Makeup Artist Bailey Sarian Age: 32 or 34? Life | Love Relationship | Career | Facts
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In 2019, she took another step towards enhancing her niche for content by starting nonfiction storytelling. Her first series was named ‘Murder, Mystery and Makeup’ which is a combination of makeup and crime. This new series attracted numerous audiences and her YouTube channel grew since then. In today date she has over 4.7 million subscribers. She is working as a full-time YouTuber now and has a great fan base. She has successfully achieved her dreams.

On the same side, she has also started her online merchandise store merchants. shop. You can find a wide range of self-customized T-Shirts, Hoodies, and other accessories on the website. The stock usually gets sold out soon.


Her series ‘Murder, Mystery and Makeup’

Bailey Sarian Age: She started this series on her YouTube channel in 2019. Her first video was about Chris murdering his family. The video got hit in just 24 hours. The videos are based on true crime events. This mixture of storytelling of crime events and makeup gives a better result than both alone. Her videos are so engaging and have built a loyal fan base who is constantly supporting her in her endeavors. The way she talks about the dark events in a different tone making the environment comfortable for the listeners is remarkable and is something that makes her stand out from the other YouTube creators.

Bailey’s videos surely have an x-factor that they are so compulsive to watch and one can’t get up before seeing it till the end. The story narration can’t be any better than this. Check for yourself the first episode of the series below, if you haven’t watched it yet.



Bailey Sarian Age: As we know, there are a variety of rumors spreading all around regarding celebrities including Bailey Sarian. However, she doesn’t seem affected by it and is continually focusing on her growth.

She is associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Bailey has several tattoos all over her body. She has a stunning personality with dark brown hair and hazel eyes adding charm to her looks.


Q: What is Bailey Sarian age?

A: 32 years (as of May 2021)

Q: What is her net worth?

A: Around $700,000 – $800,000.

Q: What is Bailey Sarian’s Instagram username?

A: @baileysarian with a following of 2.3M

Q: What is Bailey Sarian’s height?

A: Her height is 5 feet and 4 inches.

Q: What is Bailey Sarian’s Instagram username?

A: @baileysarian

 I hope this was helpful. That’s all about Bailey Sarian. Bailey Sarian’s age is 22 years. Stay tuned to know more about your famous personalities!!!

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