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Mike Majlak: Who is he? Life | Career | Rumours | Downfall | Relationships | Scandal

About Mike Majlak

Mike Majlak is also known as Michael Majlak is a YouTuber, author, and host of a Podcast. He is originally American. Mike was born on 13th January 1985 in Milford, Connecticut, US. He has a major contribution to Logan Paul’s Podcast ‘Impaulsive’. The Podcast is a great success today to which the credit goes to Mike Majlak due to his public engagement skills. He got fame after co-hosting this podcast.

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Mike Majlak was born and brought up in Milford. Since he was a kid he had amazing communication skills and has shown active participation and conversations and interactions. His company was loved by everyone as he focused more on bringing smiles to everyone’s face. His great attitude and approach can be concluded as the reason for his success. Formerly, he also promoted brands on social media and handled the social media marketing department.

Mile Majlak has two siblings named Abby and Jill. He applied to Fordham University for his graduation. He has also dated a porn star last year. After he started hosting the podcast his life took a turn and he gained fame.

Mike Majlak: Who is he? Life | Career | Rumours | Downfall | Relationships | Scandal
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Mile Majlak doesn’t have any Graduation Degree yet his career is booming due to his excellent interactive skills. He started his career with social media marketing. He worked for Nice Guy Promotions. Side by side Mike Majlak also worked as a writer and blogger for The Essential Foodie. His job was to write articles in various niches from food to health. As a part-time job, he took Event Photography. He has also worked for Lovesac, a company that deals with couch products as a marketing manager.

Today, he is working at Maverick as a marketing manager by Logan Paul Partnerships. Other than this, he is also hosting the Podcast ‘Impualsive’ and handling his YouTube channel Mike Majlak Vlogs. Mike Majlak launched his debut book in April 2020 named ‘The Fifth Vital’. He narrates his journey throughout the book, his experiences, his addictions, and a lot more. The book received a good response and was liked by many readers.

Mike Majlak: Who is he? Life | Career | Rumours | Downfall | Relationships | Scandal
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Logan and Mike Majlak had the same perspective and goal which gave them a chance to work together. They both had the same vision in mind. Both got together in October 2018 and the Podcast had over 1 million subscribers in only 4 weeks. It was a huge success for both of them as a team as well as for Mike Majlak who got attention and fame after his anchoring skills.

Mike Majlak has 1.7M followers on Instagram and 2.4M subscribers on YouTube. He is earning a handsome amount of money by sponsorships, podcasts, and as a marketing manager. His net worth can be calculated as $400k-$500k.


Mike Majlak is a private person when it comes to his personal life and his relationship. He keeps his personal life in a separate container. He dated a retired American adult movie star Lana Rhoades in 2020. This was the time when he opened about his personal life and his relationship with her. Last year social media was flooded with their pictures together.

The two of them connected after Mike’s birthday where Logan Paul arranged his meet with Lana. They started seeing each other often since then and came together. Mike Majlak made an official announcement about their breakup through a video on his YouTube channel. The video hit tons of views in just 24 hours.

Mike Majlak: Who is he? Life | Career | Rumours | Downfall | Relationships | Scandal
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After some unavoidable events between Mike Majlak and Logan Paul rumors were spread that Mike was fired from the Podcast ‘Impaulsive’. Both shifting to different working environments depicted a separation between the two and the word spread that Mike is no more a part of the Podcast. However, in the context of the rumor, Mike spoke about it recently and answered the questions of his fans and audience. He told the real scenario exactly what happened between the two.


Mike Majlak was accused of backstabbing his friend Logan Paul as he commented something negative about him on a different Podcast. Since then, there has been a crack in their friendship. Logan also got into an argument on social media with Mike and George Janko over their judgemental perception. When asked about this incident by Mike Majlak, he answered in bitter words for Logan. The audience started calling Mike a backstabber and blamed him for commenting wrong about the one who got his career to this stage.

At the end of the drama, Mike Majlak apologized for what he said and got back together with him on the Podcast ‘Impaulsive’.


There was news that Mike Majlak cheated Lana Rhoades which was authentic and eventually proven true. The news took over the internet and there were several questions for him to which he explained in the podcast stating “I did feel bad because I knew that I hurt her. I don’t think that I cheated, I don’t think that I was unfaithful, or that I was a liar or anything like that, but I know that what I did hurt her, and that hurts me.” 

Mike Majlak: Who is he? Life | Career | Rumours | Downfall | Relationships | Scandal
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Q: What is the age of Mike Majlak?

A: Mike Majlak is 36 years old.

Q: Who is Mike Majlak’s girlfriend?

A: He dated Lana Rhoades in recent times.

Q: What is the name of his Podcast?

A: Impulsive

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