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The Untold Story of Mark Hamill’s Wife (Marilou York)

Marilou York

Bio of Marilou York:

Date of Birth: February 11, 1955

Birth Place: United States

Nationality: American

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Marital Status: Married

Husband/Spouse: Mark Hamill

Ethnicity: White

Children/Kids: Nathan Hamill (Son)

Chelsea Hamill (Daughter)

Griffin Hamill (Son)

Height: 5’5” (165 cm)

Parents: Doyle Frederick York (Father)

Jean Apple (Mother)

FACTS ABOUT Marilou York

  • Mark Hamill reveals the secret of his wife(Marilou York) that, A good relationship is a reason for a man to be successful and happy. Our relationship gives joy because those who are not cheated will surely maintain a good relationship. This theme seems to work well for him since he was happily married to Marilou York for forty-one years, his marriage being the longest marriage with any Hollywood star.

  • Marilou York was born on 11 February 1955. She is only the child of her parents(Mother Jean Apple, Father Doyle Fredrick York). She completed her schooling at Carmi Township Halls school in Illinois and In 1973 she was joined in Parkland college where she graduated in 1975 with a degree in dental hygiene.
  • Marilou York worked as a dental hygienist until 2004. Marilou York Former Colleges says, she will always focus on her work and help as much as possible. She respects her work and is very passionate about her clients and also loves her work.
  • She produced a short stunt for a film when she was a co-producer and directed a comic book. Her husband starred in that movie. While not sure that the film was successful, but it was a very bold move because it is very difficult for anyone who has no background in movies or production to do these stunts.

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How this lovely couple met is like a scene from a love story movie. Marilou York is a dental hygienist, and Mark Hamill was a patient. Mark shared his first meet with People magazine that,

Mark Hamill goes to the dental clinic. Marilou York is in jeans by wearing a white coat in a sexy look and she came into the waiting room who looks like a Vargas painting.” I said, ‘Did they allow you to dress up like this at work?’ She was politely doing her work saying, ‘Yes. Next.

Here I am going to tell you about an amazing couple who loved each other so much so that Mark Hamill and his wife Marilou York celebrate their 40 year wedding anniversary. Like many Hollywood couples, they did not meet longtime at a star-studded party.

And after a long time, they met in a dentist’s office. When Marilou York and Hamill were met then Marilou York was working in Westwood as the dental hygienist and Hamill was a patient. At least it was lust at first sight for Mark. She was wearing jeans and a white coat, she came to the waiting room she was looking as vergas painting.

Hamill’s comment worked well on Marilou York, They hit things off with a date that was all looking at the Annie hall. Mark took her to Annie Hall after some time Marilou York went with Mark to enjoy the movie, it was a test to see if she had a sense of humor for Mark. She clearly passed the exam as they went to see the screening of Star Wars after the second date of this date.

Marilou York

Mark recalls a comment that Marilou York made while they were watching a Star Wars movie. She leaned towards him and commented on one of the characters pulling his lips back from his teeth. Being a dental hygiene expert, she told Mark that the actor had bad hats. That comment was the defining moment for Mark, and he was sure he had met “one”.But it’s not always a smooth pickup for the couple. After he began to gain Star Wars popularity, Hamill and York parted ways(Broke up) before finally reuniting.

Hamill told to people “I had to taste the groups and the fame”. Mark became famous and decided to taste the waters of dating and explore other women as a way to enjoy his fame. He went to Las Vegas with Showgirls who have 38 years. Hamill wants to scale all these women’s. It was exciting for the first few minutes. In the end, I wanted to catch something. In my thought, it is a family that what I want to hold at that time. He admitted that he was not excited by all groups so that he went back to Marilou. He said to be dating an actress and showgirl “Ann Wyndham”, And he did not know how long the relationship was, Mark confirmed to himself that he did not want to be with anyone in the entertainment industry, so he went back to Marilou.

On the other hand, Marilou is waiting, because she also knows that she has found someone special. She knew that this waiting could result in a happy end in her life. That’s why she kept herself busy with her work and knew about the sign that he would be back. She has a lot of confidence in herself and knows her worth.

Marilou York FAMILY LIFE

The couple married in 1978 and held a private civil ceremony in their backyard in Malibu, where they invited only a handful of friends and family. They didn’t go for the honeymoon because Mark was involved in the movie that is “The Empire Strikes Back”

Marilou York has dedicated her life to caring for her children and her husband. The couple had their first child when they were still young and were only a year old when they got married. The first son Nathan was born in 1979 during the film making of The Empire Strike Back. Marilou had to go to a filming location with her husband to make sure their first son’s birth shouldn’t miss by Mark. Mark is being devoted and stayed all night with his wife Marilou and son and still, he managed his work on time.

Nathan starred in the background role in Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace in 1999. Although he is now an artist, he was involved in writing a short-animated series called Weasel Town, where he also voiced a character. The only controversy that touched the family was their first son.

In 2016, Nathan’s ex-girlfriend, former porn star Meagan Chen, and Nathan and Marilou allegedly called her to have an abortion. In March 2017, Meagan Chen filed a lawsuit that Nathan was not helping children. However, Marilou stepped in to protect her family and they did not want to discuss this matter publicly, so it is not known how the case ended, but the couple named their first grandson born on 31 October 2016 in the autumn.

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Mark and Marilou have three children. Two boys and one girl. The second son Griffin was born in 1983 and has been very successful in his career as an artist.

Marilou works with Hamill’s Amazing Invisible Inc. with their last-born daughter, who runs Mark’s vast business ventures. Marilou worked as a CFO. Marilou’s daughter’s name is Chelsea who was born in 1988, and CEO of her father’s company. She is also responsible and in charge of the company’s media relations and also serves as a publicity consultant according to their Linkedin accounts.

The children of Hamill played brief roles as three resistance soldiers in “The Last Jedi”

Marilou is the truth of her soul, a Loyal and stable human. She has shown the world that there is true love and that you can be committed to a partner for the rest of your life. Throughout their marriage, the couple made their devotion and commitment to each other their number one priority. For Marilou, the family comes first, and even after all these years, she keeps her love for her husband alive.

The couple still attends red carpet events, and no scandal, fraud, or controversy has been reported about their marriage.

While she has shied away from social media, her husband often posts special tweets about her. He has said on many occasions that he is grateful to have Marilou by his side and went on to say that she makes ordinary seem extraordinary.

Marilou York

Although every celebrity couple these days seems to be breaking up, some people refuse to accept the truth and may not be reunited. But, Mark Hamill and Marilou york have been married for almost 40 years who gave inspiration and shown their true Love.


Mark tweets about Marilou. “She makes the ordinary seem extraordinary and I just want to thank her for being my everything,” Hamill wrote on Twitter in February.

Marilou York

This December, Mark celebrated their 39th anniversary with happy couple photos on Twitter, “and they said it wasn’t the last.”

Marilou York

It was clear that doubts for good had been silenced.

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