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Richard Madden Gay [CONFIRMED] Brandon Flynn Controversy UNEXPECTED NEWS! Dating Life Rumours Richard Madden

We all know Richard Madden from his role in Game Of Thrones. He was the star-spangled Northman, Rob Stark! But it seems that he’s not just an actor – he can also move around easily between multiple personas with ease as well considering how much success this guy has had over time while playing different characters throughout popular culture history…

The latest film from director Yann Demange, Rocketman stars Richard Madden as Elton John. The story follows the life of this famous musician and his rise to stardom in addition to being openly homosexual at a time when it wasn’t accepted by society or Hollywood alike – but how does Richard stack up against others who have played these iconic roles before him?

In order for you to answer that question yourself (and please do leave your thoughts below), here’s everything we know so far about “is the GAY?”

Is Richard Madden Gay?

Richard Madden Gay: Richard Madden is a heart-rob Scottish actor, acknowledged for his various characters in numerous Hollywood movies and series. Madden is a 34 years lad born in the year 1986 on the 18th of June is an aborigine of Elderslie, Renfrewshire, situated outside of the city of Glasgow. His parents Mrs. Pat is a teacher in a primary school and his father Mr. Richard worked as a firefighter.  Madden got himself enrolled at Pace Youth Theatre to combat his shyness at the age of 11. read below whether Richard Madden is Gay or not?

Richard Madden is renowned for his appearance in the Game of Thrones  HBO series as Robb Stark. The character portrayed by Richard Madden endures a sudden and horrifying death in the third season of Game of Thrones. For a lap of time, Madden was under the radar after his unexpected exit from Game of Thrones but he again hit the jackpot when he enacted a bespangle role in Bodyguard the BCC drama show. He was lauded with the Best Actor- Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of the character. Richard has been in the spotlight for certain other reasons as well like his struggle in his school and the rumored faces he dated. Recently, the talk of the town is his alleged relationship with Brandon Flynn.  Read on to know more. Is the rumor Richard Madden Gay is true or not??


Richard Madden Gay

Richard Madden Gay: Richard Madden’s love rapport with Brandon Flynn

Richard Madden erstwhile dated Ellie Bamber, Laura Whitmore, Suki Waterhouse, Caroline Flack, and Jenna Coleman. However, latterly, whispers are whirling that the actor Richard Madden is dating 13 Reasons Why celebrity Brandon Flynn. Shortly after Madden’s rift with Ellie, this came under the spotlight. Initially, they were seen in L.A. and this tattle intensified after it emerges that both Madden and Flynn were living together. This buzz accelerated when Richard Madden played a gay character in the film Rocketman. So Richard Madden Gay!

When he was inquired about his role, he depicted it and said, “It is a terrible route to go down if we start restricting people’s casting based on their private lives. We should focus more on diversity, but I’m also a firm believer in the best actor for the part.” In an interview with New York Times, Richard Madden repudiate to have a conversation respecting his personal space when he was interrogated about his relationship with Brandon Flynn.

Richard Madden Gay

Furthermore, allegedly it was claimed that Richard and Brandon’s relationship has befallen and they have a quarrel in November 2019.  In accordance with The Sun, Their relationship had been on edge for quite some time. The source reported: “Brandon, in an interview gave a pellucid statement regarding Madden that he doesn’t want any sort of interaction with Richard because he instructed the team at Versace not to send an invite him to a party they are have planned in December. The brands Richard Madden was associated with are now in contract with Brandon Flynn, they are respecting his wishes and haven’t asked Richard to attend the bash.” Hence the rumor Richard Madden Gay is true!!

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Richard’s struggle in life

Richard’s acting career commenced when he was just 11 years. His initial start was from PACE Youth Theatre then he moved to TV and film roles. Due to his work engagements, he was away from his school for almost two years. And on his arrival at school, his prime struggle was to make friends and study. He divulges it to The Guardian:

 “At school, it was slightly different, and I was not having quality time with my friends and was preoccupied with work. I do lose a bit of the joy of it. The acting wasn’t good for my life then. It’s like the opposite thing to making friends. It’s the one thing I guarantee you won’t have any.”

After he visited the school it was a hideous task for him and he managed to make some friends. As per his perception, he thought that his character in Duplicity compelled them not to confederate with him. His colleagues at school were unable to discern between Richard Madden and the exterminator who has prostrate a man to death in Duplicity. The Interview Magazine person when interacting with Richard Madden told about his experience and said :  

 “I was absolutely destroyed at school. I kind of backstabbed by my one or two close friends. I piloted to take over the school radio because that was the only room in the building that was soundproof that we young ones had a key to, so we could be in our own little world.”

Richard Madden Gay

Richard Madden’s career graph

Madden’s career’s initial project was PACE Youth Theatre to combat his shy nature at the age of 11. Later he was cast as Andy in a film named Complicity premiered in the year 2000 an adaptation of lain bank. Further, he bagged a lead role of Sebastian in Barmy Aunt Boomerang, which was a  children’s television series which televised from 1999 till 2000. Moreover, Richard Madden divulged his excruciating juvenility experience in high school.

Latterly, he graduated in 2007 from an academy in Glasgow named the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Along with his studies, he was also associated with The Arches and The Repertory company in Glasgow. He also has theater endeavors such as Tom Fool, Franz Xaver Kroetz’s play at Citizens Theatre. He encompasses recognition and optimistic reviews for his performance and was later spotted by Shakespeare’s Globe team. Moreover, he grapples with a lead in Romeo and Juliet in London at the modern Globe Theatre.

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His struggles are proven to be a win-win situation which fetched him many lead roles. In the year 2009 he amassed a lead as Dean McKenzie in Hope Spring a BBC whimsical play supervene by Ripley in Chatroom, Theatre of Hate’s singer Kirk Brandon in the year 2010, Worried About the Boy, and so on.

Recently in the year 2019, Richard Madden depicted John Reid the music manager in Elton’ John’s biopic  Rocketman which was premiered in May, From December 2020 till 21st of January he dramatizes in a series From Now, it was a scientific fable podcast in which was a narration of a survivor of a spaceship that evanesced and reappeared after more than three decades. Furthermore, Richard Madden is waiting in the wings to produce the television series transubstantiation of From now.  This is all in Richard Madden Gay!

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