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Steve Harvey show: he laughed so much on the answer of “shot glass”. keep reading know more why he laughed so much

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Steve Harvey’s show family feud had come up with the new dramatic scene where Steve laughed so much on willy’s answer. Family feud is hosted by Steve Harvey, is an American comedian, businessman, and entertainer. He entertains people by his many shows like Steve Harvey show, family feud, and celebrity family feud. Family feud is a game reality show where celebrities earn money by answering, questions by Steve Harvey.

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In the recent episode, Steve Harvey reacted with so much fun when someone said “shot glass”. In the round of the game show, Steve asked a question ” name a kind of glass you can hit one of your breasts into”. It was answered by Kathy who played this round from the Schmidt family. Kathy won this round by answering “wind glass”. This show is really amazing and fun. People appraised this show and laughed many times because of Steve Harvey. Well, the next question has to be given by the individual of the family. This round name hit or miss. The scoreboard shows the score of the person who did it well or who doesn’t. Time to answer willie who gives his answer. According to the Facebook watch star, Willie is aware of nuclear physics. He is very educated in this so Steve said ” this ain’t really down your alley at all, so this is gonna be a really good answer”.

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After this willie answered the host’s question. He said without hesitation “shot glass”. After hearing this answer audience applauds and cheered for him. Steve came on the stage with a dramatic face and laughed so loud and said by laughing ” A shot…oh that’s so good”. The shot glass answered was the top five answer on the scoreboard has been shown.

At last time Mitchell got the three points but he lost it. Fans of this show laughed so much. They commented on youtube video “the way Steve Harvey reacted to willies shot glass answer. This is priceless!”. Many people commented and laughed so hard on his answer. And also they didn’t expect this type of answer.
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