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Ralphie May wife Lahna Turner’s Life | Career | Equation between the two. Much more! Check OUT NOW!! 

As we are a part of celebrities dominated society groups where people have much fondness for celebrities and are more concerned about their day-to-day happenings and more inclined to follow their footsteps. Along with trends in style, there are trends in lifestyle as well.  Well, in the following article the hottest gossip is about the renowned American comedian, touring, and comedy on numerous platforms of media, Raphlie May’s wife Lahna Turner. They both filed for divorce and now Raphlie May is no longer with us. To know the entangled mystery behind their divorce and Lahna’s life as Ralphie’s wife read on.     

Ralphie May wife Lahna Turner’s Life | Career | Equation between the two. Much more! Check OUT NOW!! 

Who is Lahna Turner?

Lahna Turner was 15th of July born and a native of Canada. For her father’s career with Exxon, her family moved to Houston, Texas from Canada at an early age. Lahna attained a degree in Bachelor’s in fine arts from Texas State University and was more adamant about photography. She was passionate about photography and spent her whole college life employed as a full-time photographer. At the age of 19, young damsel, Lahna Turner commenced her work as an unofficial intern for the Associated Press, which later fetched her a position of a freelancer in the organization. 

Lahna Turner opted for comedy as her career soon after attaining her high school education in the mid to late 2000. She is a known face because of her comedy special and her appearance in multiple shows and documentaries. Lahna possesses numerous talents such as a guitarist, efficient skill of writing songs, and her unique stage presence which all together helped her to precisely carve her career as a comedian. Though she started late in the field of comedy, her adamant attitude towards her career helped her to attain the chest of recognition and her skills of sly humor, her peculiar talent to grab audience attention and presence of mind on the stage added a few more to it. 

But the main reason behind the focus of the spotlight on Lahan Turner excluding her past endeavors is her relationship with the famously known comedian and touring person late Ralphie May. Lahna and Ralphie shared 17 years of a successful marriage and have two wonderful kids. Then in the year 2017, after the demise of the most renowned comedian Ralphie his legacy lives through his wife and children.  

Ralphie May wife Lahna Turner’s Life | Career | Equation between the two. Much more! Check OUT NOW!! 

Relationship Equation between Ralphie May and his wife Lahna Turner

Late comedian Ralphie May’s sight noticed the presence of Lahna Turner for the first time when they both met at an open mic event. Initially, they became friends and eventually started dating each other by the mid- 2000 and fell for each other deeply. Though they were never clinched as an ideal couple, the duo’s sheer efforts built up a tremendous relationship together and soon tied wedding chords with each other proving their love to be true.


Ralphie and Lahna got married in 2005 on the 3rd of July. The love birds shared their vows in front of the presence of their beloved friends and family as witnesses of their heavenly made match and became husband and wife officially. They fought all the ups and downs of their life as one unit and combat all the hurdles and turbulences.  Soon they both received a blessing of their life and with the arrival of April June May their first child, Raphlie, and Lahna’s family grew. They were blessed with the daughter in the year 2007.     


Moreover, Raphlie and Lahna were blessed with their second child who came on earth in the year 2009, completing with their family they named him August James May. Happiness and love grew in their family making the bond between Ralphie and Lahan strong and more united than before. Their sheer bond led them to the ladder of success in their professions as well. They did multiple projects together and even worked as a team for their podcast ‘The Perfect 10’.  


But after many attempts, the wave of hard times finally hit Raphlie and Lahna’s relationship castle and it was demolished.  And it came as a shocker that Lahna filed for annulment from her loving husband in the year 2015 in October, and the couple was separated and was waiting for the final verdict of their divorce another spine chilling incident happened with the family as they came to know about the demise of Ralphie May on the 6th of October in the year 2017.

  Ralphie May

Lahna Turner’s career graph

Lahna Turner initially started her career as a comedian at the age of 19 when she was a young damsel, after attaining her bachelor’s degree. In Houston Lahna performed in three open mic events where she sang comedic songs. After the lap of two months, she booked her first paid gig. Turner premiered her first comedy album named Dick Jokes and Other Assorted Love Songs, in the year 2004. Furthermore, in the year 2012, she recorded ‘If These Lips Could Talk, moving to her one-hour special ‘I Wrote a Song About It ‘in 2014. Making her lead to fame she next released the first-ever comedy visual album titled ‘Limeade in the year 2017.

Lahna’s success graph does not limit here but soon she became a radio sensation with her albums being aired on almost all top radio stations across the country and as National Lampoon’s Top 40 comedy countdown as well. Moreover, she was on fire with her albums airing simultaneously on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. She did not make comedy her limit but tried her hands in a non-comedy album named ‘Life as a Human. Lahna Turner made a debut on the big screen with ‘Teacher of the Year in which she portrayed Ursula Featherstone. She made her appearance in This Is Meg in the year 2017, Brand New Old Love in the year 2018, and also as a producer of What’s Eating Ralphie May? In 2019.

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Lahna Turner’s life after the demise of her husband Ralphie May.

Ralphie May was in Las Vegas during the last days of his life venture which ended on the 6th of October, 2017. Suddenly May’s health deteriorated and that night the most renowned comedian lost his life and took his last breath at the age of 45. His last performance was in Las Vegas itself. After his death, he left behind his two children and estranged Lahna.  

Lahna Turner after the demise of her husband resumed working on the podcast which Raphlie and Lahna used to conduct together, and she was seen in numerous TV shows. She also stepped in the shoes of a producer for her late husband and comedian’s life documentary ‘What’s Eating Ralphie May?’ Lahna Turner is currently fostering her children and tirelessly working to give her children the best life and simultaneously working on multiple projects to earn her bread and make her and Ralphie’s children’s life non- turbulence and butter smooth.  

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