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Richard Madden gay

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Richard Madden gay: Have you seen the film Bodyguard? Are you an admirer of the TV series Game of Thrones?  If yes, then you must be knowing “Richard Madden” who played the role of a ‘war veteran’ ‘Sergeant David Budd’ in Bodyguard and ‘Robb Stark’ for the first three seasons of Game of Thrones.

There are few rumors about him being gay, people are questioning his sexuality now. Is it really true Richard Madden gay? Or they are just worthless rumors? If you want to know read the article till the very end. Read more in Richard Madden gay below:

Richard Madden –

Richard Madan was born on June 18, 1986, in Renfrewshire, Scotland. He debuted as a child actor then he started performing at the royal conservatoire of Scotland. Further, he did a tour through Romeo for ‘Romeo and Juliet’ with ‘Shakespeare’s Globe Company’ in the year 2007.

Later in 2015, he performed the role of ‘Prince Kit’ in the romantic fantasy movie ‘Cinderella. In the year 2016, he did a fictional historical series known as ‘Medici’. Then, in the year 2019, he did two films ‘1917’ and ‘Rocketman’. 1917 was nominated for “Oscars” for the Best Picture.

He got Fame after he portrayed the character of ‘Robb Stark‘ in one of the biggest TV series ever known as “Game of Thrones” for HBO in the year 2011. Then in the year 2018, he portrayed the character of a war veteran and principal protection officer in a thriller series of “Bodyguard” for BBC.

Richard was honored with a “Golden Globe Award” for his role in the ‘Bodyguard’ movie in the year 2019. He secured the position in the list of 100 most influential people in the world by the “Time magazine” in the year 2019. He received the “GQ Men of the Year” award for being the most stylish man.

The latest project he did was “The Eternals” in which he played the role of ‘Ibaris’. This much of the Fame captivated his fans and media attention towards his personal life from his professional life.

Richard Madden gay

Relationships and the Dating list –

His dating life started with “Jenna Coleman”, an English actress around the time when he got his role in the Game of Thrones and at the same time, Jenna also got selected for a role in “Doctors Who”, which is Richard’s one of the favorite TV series, he said about this in an interview that he used to watch this show ever since he was a kid and he always loved this show and still loves it so much.

Professionally, it was all good for both of them but unfortunately, this relationship didn’t last for long and they got split up in the year 2015. Later in the same year (August 2015), they both tried to get along once again, they even spotted in London streets but failed to patch up once again!

Then somewhere in the year 2016, Richard Madden spotted with ‘Laura Whitmore’, an Irish t.v. presenter, but their relationship also didn’t last for long and they got split up only after a few months of their relationship.

Richard Madden gay

Shortly afterward, Richard Madden was seen to be romantically involved in a relationship with ‘Suki Waterhouse’, an English model, singer, and actress, but the same thing happened to this couple also, after a few months a piece of news came out that Richard Maiden is in a relationship with ‘Cardine Flack’, host of the ‘Love Island’ that means Richard Madden and Suki Waterhouse’ were no longer together in a relationship with each other.

In the year 2017, Richard Madden dated “Ellie Bamber” or “Eleanor Elizabeth Bamber”, an English actress, and they were spotted kissing each other in ‘Ibiza’ in August. But they also got separated in the year 2019 because of their busy schedules according to a source talked ‘The Sun” that Richard and Ellie were always conflicted due to which Ellie decided to break the relationship finally with Richard Madden. This was confirmed by Richard Madden himself when he didn’t mention the name of Ellie Bamber at all in his acceptance speech.

Is Richard Madden gay?

Is it true that Richard Madden gay? After all these breakups, Richard Madden was rumored to be gay, as people started questioning his sexuality and said that he is in a relationship with “Brandon Flynn” from the Netflix T.V. show “13 reasons why”. They both got more attention when they spotted hanging out in the streets of Los Angeles.

Richard Madden gay

Their relationship got intensified when people knew that they were living together as roommates. On top of this. Richard Madden portrayed the character of a gay in the film Rocketman when Richard Madden was asked about his relationship, he said that he keeps his personal life personal and I’ve never talked about my relationships in public which grabbed the people’s attention towards their relationship more.

Not only this but Brandon Flynn was spotted with Richard Madden with his family at the French Riviera at the time of Cannes in the year 2019. Once Flynn talked about the double standards of Hollywood. He added that people don’t write such things as Oh, they are with their partner and we are happy for them which kind of gives a direction towards the thing that Richard Madden gay.

But for unknown reasons, these guys have grown apart from each other and it was assured when Brandon Flynn asked his team members not to invite Richard Madden for a party for a fashion brand “Versace” as he did not want to see him and this was somewhere near December. Though Richard Madden has worn a lot of Versace clothes during a few past years of his life for his role in Rocketman.

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