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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Fiji Girl Photobombing Everyone At The Golden Globes, Do You Remember?

The award for best scene-stealer goes to…Kelleth Cuthbert. You might not know that name, but if you follow Hollywood at all then it’s easy enough to put two and two together from last night’s Golden Globes Awards ceremony when she became the unexpected breakout star of the said event – thanks in large part due to her strategic placement behind some major names on stage during every single photo opportunity taken by magazines/TV shows who couldn’t get enough access footage as this young lady maneuvers herself into position just right so they can capture an image perfect without fail each time!

It’s a good thing Kelleth, an actress and model from Canada were carrying around water bottles all night. She must have been really thirsty!

Kelleth’s rise in social media fame was meteoric, and E! News helped with hydration for this mphicksgiving. After taking over the Internet by storm she had earned herself an award from them as Best Supporting Actress On A Red Carpet!

“I’m so grateful to water for giving me the chance and support that I needed. It’s because of you guys, these celebrities would be nothing without their thirst!”

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