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Cute Anime Girls: SUPER CUTE ANIME GIRLS! Check Out this awesome list

Totally in aw when it comes to handsome dudes and cute anime girls? We cannot blame you.

Here I am going to tell you about Cute Anime Girls. All the anime girls are cute but some anime girls are cuter. Anime can easily be turned into the most addictive form of a comic. Showcases characters that mesmerize their readers and portrays art with the continuity of churning out new ones from their cave of infinite imagination.

Offering quirky and captivating characters, the anime often improvises a comic book readership of stories and characters, familiarizing them with new horizons of retinal stimulation. Here is the list of the sweetest and most beautiful anime girls among millions of eyes of soothing and adorable female characters.

Nowadays, more than ever before anime shows are getting more and more popular worldwide. And it is mainly because of the beautiful storylines, relatable characters, and splendid work with the graphics. One other thing that attracts more and more viewers every day, is the art that goes behind it, and the very attractive characters.

Here is a list of some really cute anime girls among numerous cute and drool-worthy characters, who we cannot just get over.


1. Mio AkiyamaCute Anime Girls

Among the list of cute anime girls, Mio Akiyama had to be included. She was introduced to us through the very popular and hyped anime show, K-on! in 2009.

She is one of the 5 main characters in K-on! She is a passionate and technical musician and writer who serves as the bassist, second vocalist, and main lyricist of the band Ho-ago TeaTime. She is sensible, reliable, shy, sweet, and kind, and her soft warm nature just never fails to warm up our hearts every time we see her.


2. Megumi Kato

Cute Anime Girls

The second among the list of cute anime girls has got to be Megumi Kato from How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend. Megumi is a cute girl with straight shoulder-length chestnut-brown hair that is usually worn down. According to Tomoya Aki, Megumi is the most beautiful girl he has ever met.

She is calm and composed and hardly draws attention to herself. She is soft-spoken and although she does not express her emotions openly, she never fails to have us adore her.

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3. Kotori Minami

Cute Anime Girls

Kotori Minami is one of the main characters from Long Live! And the third person on our list of cute anime girls. As her school walks towards the path of being shut down, she and her friends must stop that by increasing the population of students at their school, which leads them to become ‘idols’.

Minami is gullible and can be indecisive quite often since she is always considerate about the feelings of everyone around her, instead of just thinking about herself. She is kind-hearted and genuinely cares about them though she may have a hard time expressing them openly. And these are the sweet little aspects of her personality that appeal to the viewers.


4. Rika Takanashi

Cute Anime Girls

When talking about cute anime girls, how can someone ever possibly forget Rikka Takanashi from Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions?! She is a classic example of someone living in a perfectly delusional world, believing they have some kind of superpower. She starts believing in fantasy as a part of her daily life.

She always wears an eye patch which according to her helps her battle diabolic forces. The delusional world that clouds over her routine life, in reality, is her coping mechanism against the tragic loss of her father. And she believes giving into such delusions will lead her to her father one day.

She is alienated by her classmates for being weird and random. She is clumsy and does not really go out of her way to make friends. And slowly and smoothly she will make her way into your heart and gather all your emotional support as she moves forward with her life.

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5. Kosaki Onodera

Cute Anime Girls

On our list of cute anime girls, Kosaki Onodera’s name had to be included. Ever had a huge crush on a friend but failed to say it because of the fear of ruining your bond with them? Don’t worry. You might not be the first one. Happens to the best of us. And here is a super cute anime character to confirm this.

Kosaki is one of the main characters from the Nisekoi series. Her friendship with her classmate, Raku soon blooms into strong romantic feelings which both of them feel very strongly yet neither of them would admit in fear of ruining their existing bond. She is a bit timid, pretty hardworking, and a dedicated girl.

At times she shows a lack of self-confidence and can be discreet quite often. But what catches our heart most, is her sweet, innocent nature.


6.Kazari Uiharu

Cute Anime Girls

Next among the list of cute anime girls is the favorite of every action-loving fan, Kazari Uiharu from A Certain Scientific Railgun. The story follows five ‘Espers’ who work hard to keep peace in the Academy City. Kazari Uiharu is one among those espers.

This anime show is a big yes for people who just cannot resist action, the charm of psychic powers, and futuristic cities. Kazari enjoys the simple things in life and is often teased for her shy nature.

She is really good when it comes to the skill of delivering justice. Highly responsible for her duties, this character will keep winning your heart with her shy, humble, friendly, and beautiful nature.


7. Nadego Sengoku

Cute Anime Girls

Nadego Sengoku is our next character from among the list of best cute anime girls. She is a character from Bakemonogatari. This anime series involves a cluster of characters immersed in vampirism and ghosts flavored with curses and manipulation.

She is a shy schoolgirl who had been cursed by a snake, deeming her with snake scales all around her body. We see the depth of her loyalty through her intense liking for the protagonist of this anime series. Her character also goes through undeniable changes and developments.

She is very shy and gets easily amused by little things and this sweet girl just never fails to draw and hold all of her attention, in her cute little hands.


8. Nana

Cute Anime Girls


How could we ever forget Nana while talking about cute anime girls?! Nana plays the role of a pivotal character in the manga turned anime series ‘Elfen Lied’. She had been subjected to trauma since a very young age. She was born a psychokinetic and therefore had always been a subject of experimentations because of her condition. She has psychic powers and invisible telekinetic hands.

She is always busy pushing her limits to the absolute maximum just to please her mentor, who she called, Papa. She is gentle and polite-natured, and her innocent nature and ever- readiness to help people she deeply cares for never fail to amaze us.

So, yes. That is our list of cute anime girls. Let us know in the comments down below who you think should be considered the cutest when talking about the anime world of cute anime girls.

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Cute Anime Girls: SUPER CUTE ANIME GIRLS! Check Out this awesome list
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