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The Tick Season 3- CANCELLED? OR up for RENEWAL? Check out the latest updates and Release Date

Huge fan of Comic book series? If you are a fan of comic book-based series, you must have watched and fallen in love with The Tick, or at the least, heard of it from your fellow comic book community friends. And you must be knowing about all the tension around the release of The Tick Season 3, if not you are among those ardent fans of the series.

Since the end of the second season of the series, The Tick, there has been lots of speculation surrounding the release of The Tick Season 3. Initially, as soon as the second season had ended in 2019, it was decided that The Tick Season 3 will be made soon. But then for some reason, soon enough rumors started to float all over the internet about Amazon deciding to cancel the series. So, are those rumors true? Will there even be The Tick Season 3? Or is it already the end?

Read on to find out about everything regarding the release of The Tick Season 3, as we disclose to you everything you need to know about your favorite show.

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The Tick is an American web television series based on cartoonist Ben Edlund’s comic book character of the same name is set to make a comeback with The Tick Season 3 soon enough. The very first episode of The Tick was aired on the 18th of August, 2016. It was made and made available on Amazon. It is a humorous action series.  The show is backed by Josephson Entertainment, Amazon Studios, and Sony Pictures television. Ever since the second season came to an end, fans of the show as well as the comic book fans have been demanding that The Tick Season 3 be made. If you are among those eager fans, finally you have made it to the right page. Here is everything you need to know about The Tick Season 3.

The Tick Canceled or not?

The Tick is a very amazing show. So far its 2 seasons have come. And now here we are talking about The Tick Season 3. After 2 seasons of this series, amazon decides to cancel the third season of Ben Edlund’s The Tick. It is a fantastic drama series which is created by Ben Edlund (a cartoonist) in 1986. It is started as a newsletter mascot and it became so popular that it was turned into an independent comic book series in 1988.

The original comic series maintains that he is clearly legally insane and has fled a mental institution, Whereas the latest series has chosen to leave it a mystery. The Tick is a superhero’s parody that attracted the attention of many viewers which was not achieved with the source material or previous versions. So the bad news for its fans is that The Tick season 3 was canceled.

The Tick Season 3

The Tick Season 3: Plotline

The story of The Tick takes place in a world where superheroes and villains walk the Earth along with the common man. The Tick follows an undefeatable superhero in a blue tick suit who lives in the city. Tick helps in fighting crime. One day he comes across a man called Arthur Everest and soon, they become friends. Soft and well-mannered Arthur becomes the sidekick of our superhero, Tick. Later on, the duo realizes that a long-dead supervillain called ‘the terror’ is alive and still operates from the city’s underworld. And so they begin with their search for “the terror”.  And that is how the two began on an adventurous journey looking for supervillains and fighting and defeating villains and helping the city get rid of crime, by working together. The unique and wonderful storyline of the series earned a great fan following and kept its loyal fanbase hooked to it. The Tick not only has action and a surprise turn of events now and then but also has its great share of comic relief which will keep you giggling to yourself as the story moves forward. The series saw the rise of a new superhero from the walks of the common man. The journey of tick showcases his realization of his powers and potentials and his journey towards becoming a superhero. The journey also covers how tick tackles every obstacle coming his way and how he fights against the crime. From tick becoming a superhero and getting Arthur as his loyal friend and sidekick, to solving the most difficult of crimes together and looking for a supervillain who is busy trying to sabotage the peace in their city, the story has a lot to tell. The Tick Season 3 would follow the duo as they keep looking for the supervillain, ‘the terror’, and keep on with their good deed with solving crime in the city. There would be brand new cases and brand new adventures, and we cannot wait to get The Tick Season 3 and binge-watch on some nice, light, and fun activities.

The Tick Season 3

Rumors about The Tick Season 3- Are they true?

If you have come across rumors saying that The Tick Season 3 has been Cancelled, you have got the right information. We are really sorry to break this news to you, but yes, The Tick Season 3 has been canceled by Amazon. Initially, they had decided to make The Tick Season 3. As a matter of fact, they had even made announcements of The Tick Season 3 being aired, as soon as the second season of the series had come to an end. But then soon after that, the news of the cancellation of The Tick Season 3 was made. The reason? Well, although the superhero show, The Tick had its fairly large and loyal fanbase, it just was not enough to keep the show going. At least according to Amazon, that is. The Tick did get a pretty good review from critics and fans alike for its narration and light and funny take on action and superheroes, but still, the number of ratings it received was below the desired amount, as a result of which Amazon decided to cancel the upcoming season.

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The Tick Season 3- Release Date

The Tick Season 3

The Tick season 2 had premiered on April 5th, 2019. The announcement of the launch of the new season was given in 2019. But soon after that, announcements were made by Amazon declaring the cancellation of the new upcoming season of The Tick- The Tick Season 3. This happened because of the inadequate amount of popularity of the show. However loyal fans of the show have been demanding it, and so although Amazon will not take up the show for renewal, there are high chances that another streaming platform might adopt the show and come up with The Tick Season 3.


So, with that, we come to the end of the article. Not much can be said about the future of The Tick Season 3. But we are hoping that soon enough some other streaming site will take up the show for its renewal. And as soon as that happens, we are sure to update this section of our article or upload a new article on The Tick Season 3 on our site.

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