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Code Geass Season 3- Cancelled or new season coming soon? Latest Updates | Cast | Release date!!

Food News for ardent fans of Code Geass. Code Geass Season 3 is up for renewal and being released very soon. If you are among those fans who had been very patiently waiting for any news concerning the release of Code Geass Season 3, finally here you have it. Read on to find out everything about Code Geass Season 3 as we disclose to you every detail regarding the upcoming season of your favorite anime series, through this article.

So here is everything you would like to know about Code Geass Season 3.

For quite some time now, anime shows have been in almost complete domination of the entertainment industry as far as today’s youth is concerned. And we cannot blame you. Anime shows really do have a way of telling interesting and intense stories splendidly with a graceful narration, highly admirable and relatable characters, catchy music, and amazing graphics. And out of some of the best anime shows, worldwide, Code Geass, in particular, has gained a lot of popularity, specifically in Japan. This is why, there has been quite a lot of curiosity and speculations from fans on a worldwide basis, around the release of the sequel of this series- Code Geass Season 3. 

Also along with news of Code Geass Season 3, Studio Sunrise has announced news related to code Geass: Genesis Re: CODE mobile Game and also about the new book series.

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Code Geass Season 3- Release Date:

Code Geass Season 3

The first season aired in 2006 in October whereas the second one was premiere right after two years simply means the last episode of the season second, was premiere more than a decade ago. So looking at it practically, it seems to be as if the show has been canceled and there will be no Code Geass Season 3. Seems as if the writers of our favorite show have given up on the possibilities of a new season, thus bringing an abrupt end to a great series. However, there had been no official announcements regarding the cancellation of the show. Which also does give us some hope to look forward to.

There have been lots of rumors recently. And if you go by these rumors, it seems like your long, excruciating, and patient wait for Code Geass Season 3 seems to have finally come to an end. And if this season turns out to be as good as the previous ones, we could happily take it that all this wait has been rewarded. According to these rumors, as of now, Code Geass Season 3 will be released, and that is certain. And that, Code Geass Season 3 will be aired very soon. And by very soon we are talking about this very year, 2021 itself. The only question that is left unanswered is when. As far as these rumors go, Code Geass Season 3 is all set to come out sometime in winter of 2021, which means in the later months of this year. So you can rest assured that Code Geass Season 3 will be coming soon, just have some patience and get your comfy sleeping blanket and pillows all ready to binge-watch on the latest season this winter. 

Given all the previous episodes of this series, Season 3 seems to be very promising and has the potential to take us through an exciting journey. But having said all of this, it should be kept in mind, that there is no proof of an official statement existing, that verifies this news regarding the release of Code Geass Season 3. Thus, there are chances that this is just one of those rumors spread by the enthusiastic fans of the series that keep emerging now and then, and there is no truth behind the statement.

We are just hoping that there is some truth behind these rumors. And that is all we can do as of now. In case, there is an official and a particular date from 2021 declared for the release of Code Geass Season 3, by Studio Sunrise, we are sure to update this section of the article, or maybe come up with a new article altogether with even more details and exciting news regarding Code Geass Season 3. So, stay tuned for further news about one of the most awaited anime shows of all time, Code Geass Season 3, and we are hoping that a green flag is received by us from Studio Sunrise soon enough. 

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Code Geass Season 3

On the other hand, Dear reader, if you are among those anime fans who have accidentally stumbled onto this page and has not yet watched Code Geass and have been hesitating on whether or not to start watching the show, we will try to give you a list of what the show is all about and what you could expect out of it, once you start watching Code Geass.

Cast: Code Geass Season 3

The Cast Not Known Yet. We see most, if not all, of the characters from the anime series, join our cast. For the former roles Nunnally Vi Britannia,  Lelouch, and Lelouch C.C. Suzakukururugi would all be returning.

We can also say that to the story new characters will be added. Yoshimitsu Ohashi will become the new director and for  Ichiro Okouchi, Noboru Kimura would take over as screenwriter.

Code Geass Plotline:

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Lelouch vi Britannia is an exiled Britannian prince and the son of Emperor Charles Zi Britannia and his royal consort Marianne vi Britannia. Lelouch has a sister, Nunnally vi Britannia. 

When Marianne is brutally murdered in the palace and Nunnally, who witnessed the murder of their mother finds herself so traumatized that she lost both her sight and ability to walk. Lelouch is furious with his father blaming him and, believing his father has failed his mother and sister by turning a blind eye to their mother’s death and failing to pursue their mother’s killer.

Code Geass Season 3

Lelouch and Nunnally are soon sent to Japan as political pawns and just sometime after they arrive there, Britannia attacks Japan leaving it in ruins. With Japan, all devastated and in ruins behind him, Lelouch makes a promise to his Japanese friend that one day he will go back to Britannia seeking vengeance against his wicked father.

And with that, our story moves forward. And as the story keeps unfolding, there are unexpected turns of events now and then with intense moments of surprise and amusement. Watch it, if you have not yet.

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