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We Never Learn Season 3:(CONFIRMED!!) Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer

We Never Learn Season 3
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We never learn is a Japanese Series. Presently it has 2 seasons, We Never Learn Season 3 is on its way. It is a Shonen Manga. The Writer and Illustrator for the show are Taishi Tsutsui. We never learn the story of a high school student named Nariyuki Yuga. We never learn is also famous from the name of Bokuben. It has been published weekly by Shueisha, in Shonen Jump Magazine since 2017.

The Arvo Animation and Studio Silver have turned the magazine into a TV series. The first season of We never learn was aired on April 7 and ended on June 30, 2019. The second season premiered in the same year on October 6 and ended on December 29. After the second season ended fans are waiting for a We Never Learn Season 3.

We Never Learn Season 3: Release Date

The show after releasing two seasons in just 8 months, disappeared. The hope for We Never Learn Season 3 is still in the heart of fans. However, the show did not have a finale season because the makers have concluded the anime’s ending in the last episode of the final season. Besides, there is plenty of source material, the makers are narrating the show way ahead of its available material. The makers had adapted the actual chapters but have molded the plot to conclude it way ahead. The author on the other hand is also worried, he stated that the audience would see a different ending in the manga series. 

This is why the makers didn’t bring another season of the manga.

After the show ended in a short period. Fans are asking for the renewal of the show for We Never Learn Season 3. There is plenty of available material but because the makers have already concluded the plot with a proper ending.

After the end of the second season of We Never Learn, Taishi Tsutsui also tweeted something about the anime, where he hints its ending. 

He tweeted, “Thank you for following the last episode of the anime. Thank you very much for doing such an excellent animation with the help of many people. Regarding the significance between the last episode of the anime and the ultimate development of the original story… No comment. I believe that the original story will advance to be enjoyed. Thanks!”

We Never Learn Season 3

We Never Learn: Source Material

Taishi Tsutsui is the author of the manga series. 19 volumes have been published of the manga series till now. In the entire 19 volumes, there are 177 chapters. The latest volume of the manga has been released recently on 2 October 2020. However, the Arova Animation in the two seasons of “we never learn” has only adapted the 69 chapters of it. The content of the animation series only consists of the 18th volume of the manga series. This concludes that the makers still have plenty of content to bring another season of We Never Learn. They have 100 chapters to build a plot for the renewal of the third season of the show.

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We Never Learn Season 3: characters

The character of Nariyuki Yuiga was dubbed by Ryota Osaka. Fumino Furuhasi has given the voice to the character Haruka Shiraishi. Miyu Tomita, Lynn, and Sayumi Suzushiro will come back in this new season.


We never Learn Season 3: Expected Plot

As the series ended on the second season, everybody is waiting for We Never Learn Season 3 of the show. However, The show has concluded the ending in the second season of the show. We still have hope because of the recently published volume of the manga which has a total of 100 chapters to adapt a renewal from. We have some information regarding what you should expect in the next season. In the third season, we will find who the protagonist Nariyuki is in love with and also that the five lead characters will fall for whom. We Never Learn Season 3 of the anime series can be more from the last manga and the plot could be understood from the manga also. Describing more of it could give a spoiler to the audience. So we have to passionately wait for the We Never Learn Season 3

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We Never Learn Season 3: Storyline

We never learn a romantic story. It is the story of Nariyuki Yuga. Nariyuki is a student at Ichinose Academy. He is studying to secure a University Scholarship. While he was studying for his scholarship he was also giving classes to three females to save his scholarship. Their subject focus area is different from one another. Fumino Furuhashi likes to study literature but she hates mathematics. The case with Rizu Ogata was the opposite, she likes to study mathematics but hates literature. Where Uruka Takemoto was interested in athletes. She was not interested in any other subjects. The plot focuses on how the students learn from Natiyuki Yuiga and fight against the feeling for him, which they developed by spending more time with him.We Never Learn Season 3



The renewal for We Never Learn Season 3 of the anime series is still not confirmed yet. We can only wait for the officials to announce something regarding the release of We Never Learn Season 3. The officials didn’t leave any note regarding the We Never Learn Season 3 of the show. As there are enough available resources for the renewal of the show, we can hope that the makers will bring another season of the show. 

However, the trailer is not out yet. If up to the maker if they considered making another season we can have the trailer of the show before the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

As the trailer is not out yet some desperate fans can watch a fan-made trailer of the show. Which is available on youtube. The fans have put a lot of effort into making the fan-made trailers which you would definitely like.

Until something official gets announced the only thing which we can do is wait for the renewal and hope that it will come soon.