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Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date is Out? Know the Plot, Cast Story REVEALED!!

Black Bullet is an apocalyptic action and sci-fi series. Black Bullet is also known as Burakku Baratto. The show got released back in 2014. Black Bullet has been loved by fans and the show received decent reviews from the critics and also got commercial success. The anime series is an adaptation of a novel, it has only adapted three novels. There are still a lot of materials available for the renewal of Black Bullet Season 2. Fans are waiting from 2014 for another season of the show.

Congrats! To the viewers that the show gets officially announced for Black Bullet Season 2. The second season of Black Bullet will positively be aired soon. If you want more information regarding the release of the Black Bullet Season 2: then keep reading the article. 

Black Bullet season 2: Release Date

Kinema Citrus is widely known for not bringing the sequel to each of its anime. But this time the production has announced the renewal of theBlack Bullet Season 2. After six years, the show is getting renewed. However, the release date announced was July 2020. It has been a long time since but there is nothing that has been uploaded from the side of officials. The productions themselves have announced the renewal. So the renewal is something that is happening for sure. The release for Black Bullet Season 2 gets delayed maybe because of the Pandemic situation.

So that after a long time this second season is finally coming on their Netflix apk and you should know that the quality of this anime series is really good and the artwork is very cool in most of the shows and it is very polite when it comes to an action movie and also the seating in there is quite appropriate and resonates along the chain.

Shiden Kanzaki’s Health who wrote ‘Black Bullet’ –

Shiden Kanzaki is a fantastic author and also he is a very famous ongoing Light Novel ‘Black Bullet’ and he wrote a lot of novels and he is still working now on the eighth volume of Black Bullet.

Now he is good physically and mentally also every way but he has been mentally trained to work for the past several years and has taken breaks much time.


Black Bullet Season 2
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Black Bullet Season 2: Plot

When everything was fine in his life, Rentaro, the main protagonist of the show, suddenly met his childhood friend. The shift to his life is so fast on that point that in the next moment he is imprisoned in a false murder case. He to get out of this hell also tries to escape, but it’s like his enemies won’t let him do so. 

However, he managed to get out of the prison but still, he didn’t get his freedom. Rentaro is still not innocent in the eyes of the police, he had been kept under surveillance by a Police superintendent Hitsuma. 

Meanwhile, all the governors of five main areas came together to discuss the danger they all are going through. The news of Tokyo having the Legacy of Seven Star will lead the other areas to have a war with Tokyo. Seiten mysteriously disappearing will also create chaos. Black Bullet Season 2 is going to be a thriller and Action. 

Black Bullet Season 2
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Bullet Black Season 2: Cast and Staff 

There is nothing that has been announced from the official’s side regarding the change in cast and characters. It is assumed that the team will be the same as from the previous season. If there is any change in team or characters, that too will be well updated by the makers soon. Till now there is the information we have regarding the team of Black Bullet Season 2.

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  • Director – Masayuki Kojima

  • Series Composition – Tatsuhiko Urahata

  • Character Design – Senbon Ushishima

  • Music – Shirou Sagisu

  • Studio – Kinema Citrus

  • Yuki Kaji as Rentaro Satomi

  • Rina Hidaka as Enju Aihara

  • Tomoyo Kurosawa as Tina Sprout

  • Yui Horie as Kisara Tendou

  • Aki Toyosaki as Seitenshi

  • Rikiya Koyama as Kagetane Hiruko 

Black Bullet Season 2: Storyline

The story of the anime is set up in a future timeline, where humankind is attacked by a disastrous Virus of Gastrea. People with no choice left had to hide behind the Monolith Walls. The Monolith wall is the only barrier against Gaastra, the wall is made up of Varanium. Unfortunately, the Wall itself was not sufficient to protect them all from this epidemic. The virus unfortunately was hotspots in the body of a  newborn. This genome of the Gasteria Virus is providing all these newborns a supernatural power because of which they have been called Cursed Child. All of these seem weirder as the virus only enters the body of a female child. The government on the other hand to protect people from virus team up the infected child and gave them a nickname called Initiators along with the other infected people who are also nicknamed Promoters. The pairs are called Civil Securities. They are capable of resisting Gasteria. The story shows the adventure of Satomi Rentaro a promoter and Enju Aihara an Initiator. They all are on a mission to save their hometown and the rest of the world from this Gasteria Virus.


About Black Bullet

Black Bullet is a light novel series written by Shiden Kanzaki and illustrated by Saki Ukai. It has its first part under Dengeki Bunko from July 10, 2011. There are seven-volume of the manga. 

Kinema Citrus adapted the light novel series into an anime show.

Shiden Kanzaki, the author of the Black Bullet is working on the eighth volume of the Black Bullet. For the past several years, he was not doing good and was not mentally prepared to work on another volume but now he is bringing another volume. Although he is fine physically.

When the anime got to release some of the viewers didn’t like the anime and backlash against him. Besides, the workload is making all this worse for him. Writing is one of the things that he loved to do. People can find that in his works, the passion and love he put are remarkable. But now there is nothing like it used to be in his works before. This is also a reason why he went on hiatus that much.

There were also rumors in between that he had left writing and started living his life as a restaurant owner to lead a more simple life.


The Black Bullet Season 2 will pick the story from Volume 5 of the LN. The key visuals are not available yet. There is nothing that has been announced regarding the release of the trailer. As soon the maker will share something we will inform you in that matter. Till then stay tuned with us here you can find all the updates.