HomeLifestyleMan and his 3 years old daughter died as drive-by gunmen shot them dead. Read to know the story.

Man and his 3 years old daughter died as drive-by gunmen shot them dead. Read to know the story.

In a rather unpleasant event that took place on Friday, a 3 years old girl and her 21 years old father was killed by gunshot wounds. The girl and the father were attacked by some drive-by gunmen. The drive-by gunmen shot numerous bullets at the girl who was reportedly playing in her dollhouse and her father. The culprit is yet to be arrested by the police. Read the full article to know more about the incident and to further investigation.

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Trinity Randolph was a pleasant 3 years old girl who was under the parental guidance of her father Brandon Waddles, 21 years of age. Both her spending quality time in their home together at Kahlert Avenue. But this was somehow not going to last long as the drive-by gunmen were on the streets. The drive-by gunmen shot the house and as a result of the firing little Trinity Randolph and her father Brandon Waddles was injured. The police took immediate action and shifted her to the Kosair Children’s Hospital. Brandon Waddles was declared dead at the site.

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Trinity Randolph died in the hospital due to her extensive bullet wounds. Louisville Police reported that both the victims were heavily injured in the shooting. They also reported that the gunmen could no the recognised as of now and search is in progress. Trinity and her father are left behind by her mother Tynekia Randolph and her one month old brother. Tynekia Randolph had given birth to a baby boy just a month ago. It is has been a severe shock for her to bare at this point in time.

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The police department has not yet released any information about the investigation whatsoever. They have not even confirmed if they have identified any suspects. The Police reported that the killing of her Trinity and her father Waddles takes the number of homicides in the city this year to a toll of 97 and of all the victims, Trinity is reportedly the youngest. Trinity’s father Waddles was a local rapper who performed as DareallilB. and Trinity is remembered by her relatives as an “angle girl” who loved Frozen and the characters of Elsa and Anna

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