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Is Paul Hollywood GAY or Straight? Dating SOME GUY? What is the truth behind the 55 year old Baker’s Sexuality

Here we are talking about Paul Hollywood. Is he GAY or Straight? Paul Hollywood is an English chef and television personality. He is best known for being a judge on The Great British Bake Off. Is he in any relationship? If yes then who is she? What is her name? Know everything about Paul Hollywood in this article and also know whether Paul Hollywood is gay or not.

Is Paul Hollywood GAY?

Is Paul Hollywood GAY: If you are a confectioner and have a knack for baking with immense love for the culinary world then you might have come across English celebrity chef and television presenter Paul Hollywood. Hollywood is best known for being the judge on The Great British Bake-off since 2010 which aired on BBC. Read out more about that Is Paul Hollywood GAY? or straight!!

Hollywood as a judge of the Great British Bake-off has been called thoughtless rude and brutal by the contestants over the past 11 years of his career even though his judgments are nowhere far near Simon Cowell’s. After A decade of a show, we have learned that a “Hollywood handshake” isn’t just a formality it really means that he likes your bread whereas a “soggy bottom” serves to the least of his preferences.

Paul Hollywood had his predilection straight towards his career as a child he also had his love life sorted out very well, but some rumors- is Paul Hollywood GAY. Hollywood is said to have ended his marriage of 20 years in 2019 now there rises a question, does his sexuality have anything to do with his broken marriage? This article is all about Hollywood and his sexuality, is Paul Hollywood gay? Let’s find out.

Paul Hollywood is in a relationship with a woman

In pursuance of reality tidbits, a woman whose name is Melissa Spalding is in a relationship with Paul Hollywood. She is a landlady who works at his local pub. She is 37 years old. In their $1 million houses, they reportedly live together. Reportedly, they are together since December 2019. Melissa isn’t the only woman Paul has had a romantic relationship with. Paul Hollywood has also dated a woman whose name is Summer Monteys-Fulha. In early 2019, Reportedly the two split. Previously Paul was married to Alexandra Hollywood for more than 20 years. They have a 17-year-old son Josh.

According to Reality Tidbit, celebrity chef Paul Hollywood is in a relationship with landlady Melissa Spalding. He reportedly lives at her pub and they have been together since December 2019 after she helped him out when he’s home was flooded earlier this year.

The 38-year old cook from Great Britain has finally found love again three years after splitting up from wife AHDDuncan!


Is Paul Hollywood GAY

Hollywood’s Early Life of Paul Hollywood

Paul John Hollywood was born on March 1, 1966, in Wallasey, Cheshire, the son of bakery proprietor John F. Hollywood and Gillian M. Harman. Hollywood studied at The Mosslands School situated in Wallasey Village, Wirral, England.

Is Paul Hollywood GAY


For his further education, Hollywood studied sculpture at the Wallasey School of Art but soon quitted to work in his father’s bakery,  a petite amount of sculpting mixed with baking, to create something exquisite was Hollywood’s dream all along. Paul started his career managing one of his dad’s bakeries in York and then went on to work at high-end hotels like Chester Grosvenor, The Dorchester, and Cliveden Hotel. Later, he left the UK for the Republic of Cyprus where he worked at two resorts.

Is Paul Hollywood GAY

It is said that baking runs in Paul Hollywood’s family – his grandfather was the head baker at the famous Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. At one point baking wasn’t really that great a career choice for Hollywood, he admitted to having rebelled against his father for this career choice, but what came to him was inevitable. He had to take up baking anyhow.

Paul Hollywood’s career

Paul attended The Mosslands School as a teen and he said that there was something utterly wrong with the way his family worked. They would have an early dinner and go to sleep at 6 pm when his mates used to play out, and then wake up at 2 am – 3 am for work, though this working schedule was utterly wrong, Paul eventually got used to it. Paul grew up in Wallasey on the Wirral and baked his first bread at the age of eight.

When he was 10 his dad moved to Wilberfoss in North Yorkshire where he went on to found his own chain of bakery shops called Bread Winner, which eventually stretched from Aberdeen to Lincolnshire. The main headquarters of Bread Winner was in York and it was at the headquarters where Paul would train along with his two brothers, and it was here that Paul decided that he had harbored a love for baking.

Is Paul Hollywood GAY

Hollywood liked to help the other bakers there, as did his brother. Paul might have inherited his bread-making skills from his father but it was his mother who was in charge of the cakes and cookies, and the artistic flair that he adds to his cakes, is probably from his mother as well. Paul’s mother attended an art school when Paul himself was 16 years of age. And following her footsteps did Paul take up going to a sculpting school. But things took a turn when his father’s firm had bought a bakery in Walton and when he asked Paul to join him.

Paul indulged himself in television work when he left the UK for the Republic of Cyprus. On returning to the UK did he lookout for an agent and the television work came in. One of his first jobs was with Yorkshire chef James Martin and the pair have been great friends ever since. It was also during his first few television appearances that he met Mary Berry. Little did he knew back then that their partnership would make one of the most successful and highest-rated television baking shows on BBC.

Hollywood’s Married Life

Hollywood’s marriage has been the talk of the town ever since he steps his foot in it, and despite the attempts to keep it private, it became quite public to the least of his likes.

Is Paul Hollywood GAY

Hollywood married her wife Alexandra Hollywood back in the year 1998. Paul had met Alexandra in Cyprus in 1996, while the two were both working at a five-star hotel, where he was ahead baker and she was a scuba diving instructor. They eventually got married in 1998 and welcomed their son Josh in 2001. They have been married for nearly 20 years.

Paul and Alexandra separated in the year 2019, ending a marriage of 20 years, and what was the reason? Is Paul Hollywood gay? Let’s find out.

Alexandra admitted that the reason for their split was because Paul had been accused of having an affair with his American Baking Competition co-star, Marcela Valladolid back in the year 2013. That was when they briefly spilled but reconciled later on for the sake of raising their son, Joshua, with Paul calling the affair his biggest mistake. They split for the second time back in 2017, calling their marriage completely off.

Following his split with wife Alexandra, Paul began dating Summer, who was a barmaid in the pub Paul was hired for a birthday party for his now ex-wife in 2017.

Thus to date, it is confirmed that the British Bake-off star, Paul Hollywood has been dating only women, had a wife for 20 years, and ended his marriage because of his long chain of affairs with another woman, thus Hollywood is naturally not gay, he is straight. So the answer to the question that Is Paul Hollywood GAY is clear now!

But where did these rumors of him being gay start, where did the audience catch up to them?

Why do people think he is gay?

It turns out the man who called himself “a gay man” was just an insignificant little nobody. He had never been to any shows in West End, where all of London’s major tourist attractions are located including the Theater District!
The moment took place when Paul and Matt were both looking at a competitive baker’s cake that resembled West End-themed showstopper for “Strictly Come Dancing.” In hindsight, it was clearly just another joke by Lucas.

The reason behind these rumors

The rumors of Hollywood being gay first sparked when Matt Lucas, the co-host of The Great British Bake-off season 11, made a statement saying. “And you call yourself a gay man” after Paul said he had never been to any shows in the West End. The west end is an area in London with major tourist attractions, shops, businesses, government buildings, and entertainment venues, including a theatre district.

Is Paul Hollywood GAY

The moment took place when both Paul and Matt were looking at a competitive baker’s West End-themed cake which was for the showstopper challenge. In all actuality, the statement has clearly been made by Lucas as a joke, which caused quite an uproar among the fans. And thanks to Lucas’s petite joke, Paul found himself in the middle of a controversy.

Thus it is clear that Hollywood is not gay, he is completely straight, with a 12-year-old son. After his split from his wife Alexandra, he has been currently dating Melissa Spalding after ending his relationship with Summer Monteys-Fullam.

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