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21-year-old Man and Woman, Both parents to young children, found dead in submerged car in Boston, Click Here To get Details –

In a press release, Massachusetts Police announced on Friday that the two dead bodies were found. A female and a male dead body were discovered in a submerged vehicle by the Police. Well, these young adults were missing for several days. The female was the 21-year-old young mother.

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The female and her friend both were young and were missing for several days. The female victim had a 2-year-old son, and her friend had a 9-month-old daughter. Both of them were young as well as parents. According to the Massachusetts authorities, the bodies of victims were submerged inside a car in Boston Harbour Channel.

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Well, the dead bodies were found inside a submerged SUV in the Reserved Channel leading to the harbour in the Boston Seaport. And it was approximately 40 feet below the surface of the water and about 15 feet away from the pier as informed by Police. After further investigation of the bodies, it was found that female victim was Tatianna Morales of New Bedford and a 21-year-old male was Djovany Pierre of Boston’s Roxbury neighbourhood. The families of the victims are confused about the cause that led to this tragic incident.

Pics Credit – Daily Mail

The Tatianna’s husband, Yeison Giron Morales stated to the Boston News Channel that “It doesn’t make any sense for them to just drive into the water”. The father of her young son also said that she was not depressed and everything was fine. She was not suicidal also. Tatianna, the mother of a boy and a victim, was happy with her life and family. Giron also said that “She takes our son everywhere and our son could have been in that car”. And he was thankful that his son was not in the car that day.

According to WYCN, Morales reportedly travelled from New Bedford to meet with Pierre in Boston on Tuesday. They met on Facebook and were nothing more than friends, Morales’ cousin Reina Castro told ABC affiliate WCVB. Also, Giron told me that “She texts me and calls me every night”. Titania’s Aunt Campbell also informed that “Tatianna would never leave her mother and definitely wouldn’t leave her son.” The families searched for the missing pairs. And also on Tuesday Morales had posted a video on Snapchat which provided information about her.