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Asterisk War Season 3: Is it OUT? Plot, Release date, Characters, Trailer and much more latest updates

About Asterisk War Season 3

Asterisk War Season 3: The Asterisk War is written by Yuu Miyazaki. In October 2015 the first season of the series was released after the popularity of the novel. The show was a hit that the creators got with the second season in April 2016. The production got cold after releasing the first two seasons even after the great response by the viewers. To know about the probability of season 3 and some exclusive news read the article till the end.

The series is also known as Gakusen Toshi Asutarisuku. The novel was released in 2012. The popularity of the novel led the A-1 Pictures to produce a show based on the novel for Anime Television. The storyline has a lot to give in for the viewers in season 3 and the manga fans are eagerly waiting for the Asterisk War season 3 to be out. The series is an action anime reaching the expectations of action show lovers.

Asterisk War Season 3
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Asterisk War Season 3: The idea behind the show is to display the future happenings under several false imprisonments. The show encounters few humans having supernatural powers as an aftermath of Invertia which destroyed major cities on earth. Those humans are referred to as Genestella in the show. This had a negative impact too.

The show focuses on the story of Ayato Amagiri, a young Genestella boy who got admitted to an excellent academy for Genestella. The academy he joined was fifth-ranked in the city of Asterisk namely Seidoukan Academy. However, his journey took a twist when his mistake led him to a duel with Julis-Alexia. Claudia Enfield, president of the student council was a savior for Ayato as he arrived at time and stopped their fight. Adding another twist to the story, eventually, both of them become close friends.

In the mid of the show, it can be seen that Ayato purposely joined to solve the mystery of his missing sister and had no interest in Festas. However, he had to follow all the norms and has no other option than to participate in Festas. His duo with Julis can be seen throughout the show as they participate in tons of Festas. They both had a hard time at Phoenix Festa due to a powerful opponent. It was difficult to manage when Ayato’s power was sealed off. Ayato and Julis planned to get through the tournament and get the victory.


Asterisk War Season 3
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Asterisk War Season 3: The main characters are –

  • Ayato Amagiri– He is the powerful main protagonist of the show. Ayato joined Seidoukan Academy with the hidden aim of unwinding the mysterious loop of her missing elder sister. Ayato and Julis became close friends at the academy and participated in the Festas together. Eventually, Ayato was ranked as the number 1 in the academy after he defeated the former champion.
  • Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld- Julis is shown as a princess of Lieseltania. She was ranked fifth in their academy and is a fierce fighter who is courageous. She had her eyes at the Grand Slam which was her ultimate goal.
  • Claudia Enfield– Claudia is a president of the student council ranked second at Seidoukan Academy. She had a connection with Julis due to her similar background.
  • Kirin Toudou– Being the first daughter of the Toudou family, Kirin was trained with fighting style Toudou. Kirin was kidnapped in her childhood and was rescued by his father who got imprisoned himself. Since then, she started living with her uncle.
  • Saya Sasamiya– Saya is a childhood friend of Ayato. Saya is a strained Amagiri Shinmei fighter.


Asterisk War Season 3: The fans are waiting for the official announcement for Asterisk War Season 3.  The trailer for the new season isn’t out yet due to the same reason. There are numerous rumors spread about the making of season 3. The anime fans are advised to wait till the end of the year to hear from the creators of the show.

You can check The Asterisk War Season 1 trailer here if you haven’t watched it yet!


When will Asterisk War Season 3 release?

Asterisk War Season 3: The first two seasons received a great response from the audience making them ponder about the third. Every fan is eagerly waiting and holding onto their chair to dive into the experience of the third season storyline with the same excitement and fun. Despite being years after the release of the first two seasons it still serves as the hot topic for the anime fans who are expecting Asterisk War season 3. The news of season 3 was passed on unofficially by the creators and isn’t confirmed yet.

Asterisk War Season 3
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There is no official announcement of the series. Also, they haven’t answered the question about the third season whether there’s a scope of having it or not. According to the judgments and various predictions it was said to be released in 2021 or 2022. However, the year is still going on and the anime fans have one more year to wait. It’s totally on chance and the way the creators respond to the situation.

The anime fans haven’t given up yet as they happily want to enjoy the third season which can be out anytime soon. The announcement can be made before 1 month or 2. Pandemic is listed as one of the reasons for the delay or if not, for the cancellation of the show.

I hope this was helpful. That’s all about Asterisk War Season 3. Stay tuned for more information regarding shows!

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