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Malcolm Ford – A prodigy of equally prominent parents. Who is he ? And all the unrevealed Facts about him(2021) FIND OUT NOW !

Malcolm Ford

Malcolm Ford is the eldest son of actor, pilot, and environmental activist, Harrison Ford with his ex-wife and screenwriter Melissa Mathison. Sounds like he gained recognition just because his father is a screen legend while his mother being an extraordinary screenwriter doesn’t. Well, the Ford household is filled with prodigy children, Malcolm being one of them, doesn’t need to use “Harrison Fords’ eldest child” to get reckoned.

malcolm ford

Malcolm Ford is an American vocalist and guitarist presently affiliated with the alternative/indie band ‘The Dough Rollers’.  As his father is one of the most private celebrities in Hollywood, Malcolm, along with his sister and half-brothers, grew up secluded from the spotlight. Well, secluded or not, this article will reveal some unknown facts about him, so stay tuned till the end.

Malcolm Ford: Early Life

Malcolm Ford was born on October 3, 1987, in the USA. Malcolm was Harrison Ford’s first child with his second-wife screenwriter Melissa Mathison. He has two half-brothers Benjamin and Willard from his father’s previous marriage and one biological younger sister Georgia Ford who was born on June 30, 1990.

malcolm with melissa and harrison

Malcolm went to a normal school in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ever since he was a child he had his goals straight-set into pursuing music, Malcolm has harbored a love for vocals since his golden days, which technically grew into his passion as he grew up. The offspring of talented people are more or less born with the talent that has been passed down through their genes. But that does not mean working hard is optional for even those people. They say talent is something you make bloom.

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The same can be said about actor Harrison Ford and screenwriter Melissa Mathison’s son Malcolm Ford. While Malcolm Ford is gifted with a beautiful vocal range, he has managed to polish his musical skills and started to create his own identity. Since Harrison Ford is known to be one of the most private celebrities, he tried to give his children a very normal childhood far away from the media spotlight. So, there is hardly any information regarding his children’s earlier days.

Malcolm Ford: Age and Education

Malcolm Ford was born on 3 October 1987, in the United States Of America to parents Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison. He is 32 years of age as of now. Malcolm was the third child to Harrison as the actor previously married  Mary Marquardt from 1964 until their divorce in 1979. They had two sons, chef and restaurateur Benjamin (born 1966) and Clothier Willard (born 1969). Benjamin co-owns Ford’s Filling Station, a gastropub with locations at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, and Terminal 5 in Los Angeles International Airport

Malcolm Ford - A prodigy of equally prominent parents. Who is he ? And all the unrevealed Facts about him(2021) FIND OUT NOW !

After Harrison split with his former wife, he tied the knot with screenwriter Melissa Mathison,  from March 1983 until their separation in 2000, and finalized the divorce in 2004. The actor had two children with his second wife,  actor and musician Malcolm Ford  (born 1987), and a daughter, actress Georgia (born 1990). 

Thus Malcolm has three brothers and a younger sister. To Melissa Mathison, he is the eldest child, but in actuality, he is the third in line.

Ford went to a normal school in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and completed his high school studies from Wyoming itself until he joined ‘The Dough Rollers’, Ford’s children have been kept away from the spotlight since childhood, thus there is not much information available about Malcolm Ford’s education.

Malcolm Ford: Coping With His Parents’ Split

Malcolm Ford’s parents Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison were married on March 14, 1983. The couple stayed together for almost 17 years before separating in August 2001. Malcolm was still in his teenage during his parents’ separation. Divorce in the family always takes a great toll on the functioning of a family.

He took the news very badly and had a really hard time accepting the new situation of his life. To cope with this, he started doing drugs and eventually was admitted to a rehab facility, which took away days of his teenage years. It is said that he took part in the family therapy inside the facility.

jack and malcolm


Despite having drugs take a major toll on his daily life, Malcolm decided to get out of it and thus started a fresh journey with music after coming to terms with his parent’s divorce and his problems, started shifting all of his focus to music.

The year 2008 was a time in Malcolm’s life where things took a turn. From meeting Jack Byre, while being a college dropout and bonding through their common interest in blues music, Call of Duty, and marijuana, starting a band, and getting a new member everything happened in that one year.

It had been difficult for Malcolm to keep up with the separation of his parents, but he dealt with it the correct way.

Malcolm Ford: The Story of ” The Dough Rollers ”

The band ‘The Dough Rollers’ started as a two-piece band back in 2008, when Malcolm extended his hand towards a new friendship with his friend Jack Byre, the son of actor  Gabriel Byrne with his second wife, producer, and actress Ellen Barkins.

malcolm, jack and tepper

 The duo first met in New York, where Byrne taught Malcolm to play guitar in exchange for weed ( As mentioned earlier, Melco was a time in Malcolm’s life when he suffered from the heavy intake of drugs). Besides, their mutual interest in music also made their bond strong and this was the mutual point where the two hit off. The band welcomed a new singer Julia Tepper after they strengthened their shares on music and were encouraged to expand their musical horizon by trying out different genres. It was Tepper that inspired them.

After two years of playing different minor gigs and shows, the band finally released their debut self-titled album in 2010. The album has a total of 10 tracks covering various music genres like country, blues, etc.

Soon after the release of their debut album, their main singer Julia Tepper left the band. In 2011, the band released their second album ‘Someday Baby’ which had 12 tracks in it.

For the further success of the band, the duo hired a drummer, Kyle Olsen, and a bassist, Josh Barocas. With Malcolm serving as a lead singer and backup guitarist with none other than Jack Byrne contributing with vocals and guitar, the band finally became complete. The band then went on to sign with the record label ‘Third Man Records’ that is owned by Jack White. Under the label, the band released their first EP titled ‘Gone Baby Gone’ in 2014.

the dough rollers

The band has also toured with popular artists like John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan John Idol, and Queen of the Stone Age as a supporting act. The band has gradually started picking up more followers by performing different shows and supporting acts but they still have a long way to go mainstream. Keeping their popularity on the note, they are to rise shortly

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