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Best Place to Live in Texas : Which cities are the best? Affordability | Lifestyle | Culture


Best place to live in Texas: Deciding where to live in Texas might be a difficult decision to take. It’s necessary to go through your requirements and check whether the place you want to live in resonates with it or not. Also, if you are an immigrant you need to have detailed knowledge about where to stay in Texas. The article will tell you about some best places to live in Texas with the necessary information.

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Texas is getting popular day by day and everyone wants to experience their life at the place. The major reason for the population increase is the rise in immigrants every year.

Here is the best place to live in Texas:

Fort Worth

Best Place to Live in Texas

Fort Worth is an urban city combating the problems like crime rates. The cost of living is quite affordable. Many prestigious universities are situated in Fort Worth. Fort Worth is known for its TCU Football team. The population growth (per year) accounts for 22.1%. The housing cost is approximately $154,300. Fort Worth is the best place to live in Texas.


Best Place to Live in Texas
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Plano has the best quality of life is the best place to live in Texas. Plano has an incredible park system making it stand out from the rest. The crime rate is low. Dallas is near to the city of, Plano where one can find restaurants and museums. The average housing cost is $291,3000 with 10.7% population growth per year. Plano is a headquarter for many reputed brands.


Best Place to Live in Texas
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Austin is one of the best places to live in Texas, situated in its heart. It can also be said as the center for change and movements. Austin has a greener region and is no. 2 in Trust for Public Land’s Annual Park Ranking. Austin can serve the best food for food lovers. The average housing cost is approximately $312,300.  Austin is popular for its live music and bars crawling on 6th Street.


Best Place to Live in Texas

Frisco is rapidly growing and has the highest income. It also has a very low crime rate and is one of the safest cities In the entire state. The need for money and Safety is best fulfilled by Frisco. The approximate housing rate is $368,000.


Round Rock

Best Place to Live in Texas
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Round Rock is located in the north of Austin which has an amazing growth rate. The place is multi-cultural and lacks traffic and congestion. Mostly the background of residents goes technical in Round Rock. The approximate price for housing is $230,100.

San Antonio

Best Place to Live in Texas
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San Antonio provides an affordable lifestyle with good safety.  The education facility over here is normal. San Antonio has a diverse culture making it easy for immigrants to adjust. The job opportunities available are appreciable. However, there is very few percent of college graduates belonging to San Antonio. The average housing price is $245,000 which is quite cheaper than the sale price. San Antonio has an astonishing variety of cuisines and ranks at the top for technology.


Best Place to Live in Texas
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Huston is one of the best places to live in Texas. The place is quite affordable and gets a 4/10 for safety. The culture is again diverse and welcoming to the immigrants. The education facilities are appreciable. The working opportunities are growing day by day which seems like a good sign for the ones looking out for jobs. Mostly the jobs are centered on oil and gas that is the reason Huston is also referred to as “Energy Capital of the World.” Many companies have relocated their headquarters to Huston. The healthcare system is great in Huston.

Residing in the city might turn out to be beneficial in the long run. The city is expected to have a massive number of immigrants.


Best Place to Live in Texas

Amarillo is amongst the best place to live in Texas while being affordable. The city is small yet spacious and has really affordable housing. The city is diversified in terms of culture. The plus point is the safety in the city. However, it might not be the best place for employment due to a smaller number of options and fewer opportunities. The city is also not quite urban, so if someone wants to live a basic lifestyle, it is perfect. For land, the place is best.


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Irving is famous for its food and affordability. Irving also has a great park system and is one of the best places to live in Texas. Many emerging companies are looking for Irving as their home. The approximate price of housing is $165,000.


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Dallas is located in the center of North Texas. Dallas is another popular hub for immigrants. The culture over here is diverse. It holds the best public parks in the state. The food in Dallas has achieved quite a popularity after San Antonio. Dallas has the best museums and galleries. The housing rate approximately goes like $169,400. The airport of Dallas is considered to be one of the busiest airports in the world.



Q: Which is the best place to live in Texas?

A: Dallas, Irving, Houston, Amarillo, San Antonio, Frisco, Round Rock, Austin, Fort Worth

Q: What is the average living cost in Texas?

A:  Around $924 (without rent).

Q: How is the climate in Texas?

A: In extreme conditions, min= -5 degree Celsius and max= 38 degree Celsius.

I hope this was helpful. That’s all about the best place to live in Texas. Stay tuned to know more about the best places for immigrants!!

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