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Best Place to live in Canada : Which city is the best? Living Cost | Culture | Immigrants


Best place to live in Canada: Canada is the largest country after Russia. A very less population accounting for 0.5% of the world resides in Canada. Canada offers with best cities in the world in the top 100. The statistics are based on 2021 World’s best cities Report by renowned travel guides. Canada has the highest immigration rate in the world as it offers an amazing lifestyle to its residents.

Life in Canada offers a wonderful experience as well as opportunities depending upon what you seek. The culture of Canada is also fascinating. One must be aware of all the necessary information about Canada before planning to shift.

Which is the best place to live in Canada?

The best place to live in Canada are:


Best Place to live in Canada
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Vancouver is one of the best places to live in Canada because of its nature and culture. The landscape is covered by mountains as well as the Pacific Ocean. Many adventure activities such as surfing, skiing, and whale watching can be done here. Talking about education and the healthcare system the city will never disappoint you. Vancouver is a multi-culture city and the best place for immigrants to reside.

Half of the population speaks English in the city. There is also an LGBTQ community in Vancouver. However, the drug Marijuana is legal here. The city covers an area of 115 km square Vancouver is an urban city.

The city has a strong economy and is the best place to get work opportunities in the fields like cinema, technology, forestry, mining, telecommunication, construction, tourism, fishing, and personal services.

Vancouver is amongst the most expensive cities in Canada. The living cost in the city averages 40,680 CAD. One-bedroom apartments can cost around 2,0280 CAD per month. The transport charges are also quite high along with 75CAD for a monthly phone bill. Eating outcomes with a compulsion of tip expectation. The tip is expected to be around 15-20% of the bill.



Best Place to live in Canada
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Toronto is amongst the best place to live in Canada. Toronto is multi-cultural. The residing community is diverse and from different backgrounds. The city of Toronto is quite famous among the immigrants as it constitutes more than 230 nationalities. The diversity had a great impact on Toronto culture paving a way for a variety of options in cuisine as well as cultural ethics.

Toronto is continuously progressing and is a metropolitan. The city has many museums, festivals, sports, and cultural activities. Toronto covers an area of 630.2 km square with a population of around 2.93 million.     It is located in the province of Ontario.

One can find many working opportunities especially in the sectors like film, business, biotech, IT, media, engineering, and finance.

Toronto is also amongst the most expensive cities of Canada yet providing all the facilities. The international school will cost around 1,977 CAD per month as tuition fees. For an apartment purchase, one needs 766,000CAD.


Best Place to live in Canada
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Another best place to live in Canada is Calgary which is mostly referred to as an American city because of its culture and ethical structure and policies. It isn’t a multi-culture city unlike the two mentioned above. The low crime rate, as well as low sales tax, are the reasons appealing to immigrants to live in the city. The city is well connected and has a great transport system.

There is an abundance of art and cuisine cultures with many events taking place throughout the year. Calgary covers an area of 825.3km square in the province of Alberta. Skilled workers are preferred in the city for job opportunities. The fields popular for jobs here are oil, gas and petroleum, agriculture, IT, financial services, healthcare, tourism, construction, education, healthcare, and engineering.

Calgary’s cost of living is also high but not like that of Toronto and Vancouver. The average goes to 33,855CAD per year. Rent is like 70-1,000 CAD per month.


Best Place to live in Canada
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Montreal is one of the best places to live in Canada. Montreal is quite popular amongst the immigrants. The work-life and housing affordability is liked by everyone the most. The quality of life in Montreal is mesmerizing.

However, the climate may be a drawback to staying in Montreal as the place experiences windy and snowy winters, as well as not much availability of healthcare facilities, goes along. The city is bilingual with English and French as common languages. The official language is French. However, most of them speak French. With no doubt, the city is multi-cultural and gives an amazing lifestyle to the residents.

It is one of the most populated cities in Canada with an area of 431 km square. The famous industries in Montreal are transport, finance, technology, design, education, art and culture, gaming, tourism, and food. However, the opportunities for Francophones are more than those who speak English.

The cost of living is approximately 28,000CAD inclusive of basic needs. The cost of rent is quite high but still affordable. The public transport is around 86.50CAD per month.


Best Place to live in Canada
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Ottawa is the best place to live in Canada as it’s the capital of Canada. The city is dynamic and popular. The options are a lot to choose from of housing, and work opportunities along with a green environment. Ottawa doesn’t get that hype yet it’s a good option for living.

There are so many amazing restaurants, museums, and theatres, and can be said as the best place to live in Canada. The city has an area of 2,790 km square with an approximate population of 934,000. The prominent industries include finance, insurance, technology, trade, and health. The technology sector in Ottawa is advanced and is one of the high-tech hubs.

Ottawa is also among the expensive cities in Canada. The cost would be around 2,700CAD per month. The rent will be around 2,000CAD for a month.



Q: Which is the best place to live in Canada?

A: Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto

Q: What is the average cost of living in Canada?

A: 1242 CAD without rent (per month).

Q: Which is the coolest month in Canada?

A: January

I hope this was helpful. That’s all about the best place to live in Canada. Stay tuned to know more about the best places for immigrants!!

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