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Best place to live in Arizona : Which city is the best? Affordability | Lifestyle | Housing


Best place to live in Arizona: Arizona is one of the largest states in the USA on the basis of area. Arizona offers a great lifestyle along with spectacular landscapes. The cities are affordable and the best for living.

The best place to live in Arizona are :


Chandler is one of the best places to live in Arizona. Chandler can be seen as the new Silicon Valley as the tech companies are now coming to Chandler like Intel. The city is well known for its Art festivals, nightlife, baseball, and golf courses. The approximate price for a one-bedroom on rent is $1,480.


Flagstaff has the best location with amazing outdoors and pine tree vegetation. The city has a renowned university which is Northern Arizona University. The city is popular for skiing and ski resort. The city goes through 4 seasons making it one of the best places to live in Arizona. Hiking is another popular attraction as it experiences many tourists visit to climb the highest peak Humphreys in Arizona. However, the lifestyle is quite basic and different from the big city life. The approximate one-bedroom rent is $1,351. The two-bedroom average amount accounts for $1,712.

Best place to live in Arizona
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Gilbert is among the safest city in America. It has amazing outdoors and environment. With its great educational facilities, it welcomes more families and students to reside. The crime rate is low which is another benefit of living in Gilbert. The outdoor amenities like golf courses and hiking trails are the center of attraction. The city has also got a spectacular nightlife preferred by the ones who want to reside alone in the city. The city has numerous bars and lives music options. Trendy Restaurants are also popular in the city. Gilbert is a big city which is progressing and gives a modern touch to everything.

The average one-room rent is $1,111 whereas the two-room rent is $1,350.


Glendale is quite more affordable than the rest when it comes to housing and is amongst the best place to live in Arizona. The city has its own qualities along with being economical. Initially, it was an agricultural center which later turned to a modern city paving ways for big shopping centers and businesses. Gila River Arena and State Farm Stadium are situated in Glendale. It also has an open-air shopping center, Westgate Entertainment District. The average one-room rent is $1,010 whereas the two-room rent is $1,253.


Mesa is a multi-cultural and the most affordable city. The city has low property taxes which thereby, decreases the housing cost. The city is not too modernized but it provides great facilities like public schools, nightlife, and exciting events. The location of Mesa is great and is well connected with other cities. Water parks and Dinosaur bones in Arizona museum excites the children and their families. Hiking and rock climbing are also options for activities in Mesa. The rent for a one-bedroom average is $1,030 and for a two-bedroom is $1,215.


Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. Being the capital, Phoenix attracts a lot of tourists and immigrants. The city has a diverse culture and welcomes all cultures. The facilities here are great be it entertainment or education. Arizona State University is prominent in the city. The city offers a luxurious life and is one of the best places to live in Arizona. The average rent for a one-bedroom is $1,242 and for a two-bedroom is $1,497.

Best place to live in Arizona
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Prescott, one of the best places to live in Arizona lies in the outskirts of big cities. The city has still preserved its history and culture to a large extent. Especially in Downtown Age. Cowboy bars and nightlife are famous in the city. Hiking is again the preferred activity here. There are so many lakes in the city along with the Prescott National Forest. The weather is sweet and the city life gives a basic yet peaceful environment to live in. The average amount of one-bedroom rent is $1,300 and two-bedroom is $2,083.



Scottsdale provides a luxurious life making it a little costlier than the other cities. Most families lookout for their residence in this city. The crime rate is low in the city making it the best place to live in Texas. The city has preserved its history that can be seen in the museums along with grand shopping centers paving a way for modernization. The nightlife of Scottsdale is spectacular. The city hosts the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament, Culinary Festival, and a lot more. The average rent for a one-bedroom is $1,636 and for a two-bedroom is $2,153.

Best place to live in Arizona
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Tucson is the most affordable yet cheaper city in Arizona. Tucson is rich in its culture vibrating a classical look. It is one hour away from the Mexican border. The city is climbing the ladder of progression and is called a bike-friendly city. Famous for its activities, Tucson is one of the best places to live in Arizona. The cost of living is so reasonable. The one-bedroom average rent is $786 whereas for two-bedroom it is $987.


Yuma is among the affordable cities being not so heavy on your pockets. The museum, Castle Dome Mines is famous as a ghost town whereas the Historic Park has an essence of five centuries. The preserved wild-west prison situated in the city is Yuma Territorial Prison State, Historic Park. The city is small yet welcoming. It has a mesmerizing desert landscape to offer. The average rate for a one-bedroom for rent is $787 and for a two-bedroom is $852.

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Q: Which is the best place to live in Arizona?

A:  Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, and a few more.

Q: What is the population of Arizona?

A: 7,280,229

Q: What is the average living cost in Arizona?

A:  Around $66,194 (per month without rent)

I hope this was helpful. That’s all about the best place to live in Arizona. Stay tuned to know more about the best places for immigrants!!

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