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CW Drags Powerpuff Girls Reboot Back to the Lab Because Pilot Was ‘Too Campy’

Why the Powerpuff Girls Pilot Is Getting Redone at The CW

CW CEO Mark Pedowitz offered clarification regarding why the exceptionally expected surprisingly realistic transformation of The Powerpuff Girls is getting a re-try.

That gives off an impression of being the situation with The CW’s first endeavor at a true-to-life Powerpuff Girls, which, we took in this week, didn’t make it onto the 2021–2022 timetable. The pilot will be retooled with a similar cast and innovative group appended before it’s reevaluated for a full arrangement get, and now CW Chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz has said something regarding the postponement.

“The explanation we do pilots is, once in a while things miss,” he told correspondents on a telephone call on Tuesday, May 25. We have confidence in the cast and we put stock in Warner Bros [executive maker Greg Berlanti] and [writers Diablo Cody and Heather Regnier] . For this situation, the pilot didn’t work. Since we see sufficient components in there, we needed to offer it one more opportunity. It might have felt excessively awkward and not established truly. We felt, ‘We should return a stage and return to the planning phase.’ This is an amazing property, it measured a great deal of interest, and we need to take care of business.”


Pedowitz was gotten some information about the pilot after pages from at any rate one rendition of the content released on the web, and Twitter clients had a few comments about an exchange like, “Bloss! Wake up! Or on the other hand we’ll release your nudes all over!” or “Life, is one major disdain boo.”

One fan recommended individuals may require the Men dressed in Black neuralyzer to eradicate the content from their psyches, while another contrasted it with the famous Steve Buscemi 30 Rock image where he goes secret as an adolescent.

A pilot was delivered recently, and fans were likewise disappointed by what ended up being the flashback ensembles worn by the three leads, Dove Cameron (Bubbles), Chloe Bennet (Blossom), and Yana Perrault (Buttercup). The CW at that point delivered an authority photograph of the young ladies’ more refreshed looks. Donald Faison additionally stars in the venture as Professor Drake Utonium.

In other CW news, Pedowitz says the prequel to The 100 is as yet being talked about and “isn’t done in any shape or structure.” The arrangement, which circulated an indirect access pilot during the last period of The 100, would recount the account of what happened just after the end times that left Earth dreadful for almost 100 years. You can find out about what that show may resemble here

Independently, Pedowitz offered a short update on whether “The 100” prequel is as yet underway at The CW.

 He said that I bet you’re going to be stunned by this. There are still conversations going on,  it isn’t done in any capacity whatsoever, yet conversations are occurring.

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