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Inhumans Season 2 Confirmed or Canceled? Get All Details About This Superhit Marvel Hit Series and its Cast| Plot| Summary And Much More!!!

Inhumans is a television American series by Marvel based on Marvel Comics of the same name. It was released on September 29, 2017. Although it was a big production as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU),  Inhumans season 1 wasn’t able to grasp enough attention and viewers. Not too much of anyone’s surprise, it was one of the least appreciated creations by Marvel. Let us get to know what it is about and whether marvel is onboard for Inhumans Season 2 or not.

Inhumans Season 2
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Produced by ABC Studios and Marvel Television in association with Devilina Productions, Inhumans Season 2 got a theatrical premiere despite being a television series as it was co-financed by IMAX Entertainment. The show was created by Scott Buck.

The basic storyline revolves around the enigmatic king of the Inhumans, Black Bolt portrayed by Anson Mount. He and the other members of the Royal Family of Inhuman including his wife Queen Attilan, brother Karnak, Gorgon, Crystal, Louise, Maximus, and many more recurring characters escape to Hawaii to escape a military coup that attacked them and try to save the world.

They are special in the sense that the Inhumans family is not like any other royal family but are superhuman beings. In fact, they do not even belong to Earth but are from another planet. So when they go to Hawaii, their encounter with the outside world and humanity help in unknown ways to not only protect themselves but Earth as a whole. The protagonist is the king, Black Bolt who has supernatural powers in his voice. Even the slightest whisper is enough to cause unimaginable destruction which is why he is seen using sign language to communicate throughout the series. If there will be Inhumans Season 2, it will be interesting to see characters developing further.

Inhumans Season 2
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His wife, Queen Medusa has powers in her hair. She can control the movement of her long hair with her will. She can communicate with the king with utmost ease. Maximus is Black’s brother who badly wants to be a king and uses his full devotion towards the people of Atttilan to fulfill his desire. He hates the fact that he lives on the pity of his brother and hence has evil intentions. However, while going through the Terrigenesis process he lost his Inhuman gene. As a result, other Inhumans humiliated him by looking down upon him. Then Black’s cousin and advisor Karnak can see the flaws in everything and so he acts carefully trying to be the best at everything. Hence he is the philosopher and strategist of the family.

Next, is the king’s other cousin called Gorgon who is quite capable of producing seismic waves with his cattle like hooves. He doesn’t think much before acting. The youngest member is Medusa’s sister Crystal who can control the elements. As she becomes an adult throughout the series, she discovers more of her abilities and powers. She is described as a “really coming of age”character.

Louise, a human from Earth working at Callisto Aerospace Control Center has a deep interest in space and moon-related things. The interesting fact about him is that Louise was not a character in the comic book but was specially created for the television series to add more quirk, humor, and fun to the storyline.

There is also one of a kind character named Lockjaw which is a CGI creation and not a real one. Its ability is teleportation.


Unfortunately, Inhumans Season 2 has been officially canceled by ABC on May 11, 2018. It wasn’t very surprising as the show failed to attract attention despite being a part of MCU and it was a big flop on the box office. It could earn only $3.5 million. Inhumans received a lot of negative feedback from critics. Initially, Marvel Studios had ideas for making an Inhumans movie as a part of Phase Three Slate of Films. The species first were supposed to be introduced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

However, later circumstances led to the dropping of the film and the creation of a television series. During the show’s run, the producers realized that it wasn’t working for the audience and so didn’t announce anything about Inhumans Season 2. The show wrapped up after only 8 episodes. Unlike the other two Marvel Studios television series, this one couldn’t stick for long due to very low ratings. So if there were Inhumans fans, sorry but Inhumans Season 2 would never happen.

CAST (Main)

Inhumans Season 2
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Anson Mount as Black Bolt

Iwan Rheon as Maximus

Serinda Swan as Medusa

Ken Leung as Karnak

Isabelle Cornish as Crystal

Ellen Woglom as Louise

Eme  Ikwuakor as Gorgon

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FAQS about Inhumans Season 2:

Why Marvel’s Inhumans was such a flop?

There are several reasons why Inhumans is failing; the acting, visual effects, production design, and overall aesthetic of the show all leave something to be desired, but its biggest flaw comes in terms of its core, or rather, the lack of one.

Who is the Inhumans greatest enemy?

Black Bolt’s
When Maximus went to claim the throne, he discovered that the Genetic Council saw Black Bolt’s powers as proof that only he had the power to fight the Inhumans’ Greatest Enemy, therefore Black Bolt had to become King.

Can Black Bolt beat Thanos?

Black Bolt didn’t really do any damage to Thanos. The last time they fought was during Infinity and all Black Bolt managed to do was give Thanos a small bloody nose and shatter his armor. But he decimated (killed) Emperor Vulcan an Omega Class mutant with his power.
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