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Streamer Quarterjade Truth and Her Lifestyle | Family and Relationships | Career | Net Worth and More!!!

Quarterjade is one of those few female game streamers around the world. She is a stunning gamer as well as amazing at sharing videos on YouTube. She is known for gaming, vlogging, live streaming, and as well as her fan base on social media. Let us know a bit more about this YouTube star, Quarterjade.

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Quarterjade was born as Jodi on August 25, 1997. She is an American but of mixed ethnicity. She is of Norwegian-Chinese descent. Her sun sign is Virgo. Unfortunately, there is no information as such except that she studied Biology to further pursue a medical degree but things didn’t go that way and she went on to focus on her gaming skills.

Gaming was nothing new to her as she has been playing video games her entire life so pursuing it as a career wouldn’t have been a tough call. Quarterjade didn’t have many friends in real since she was a child and mostly made friends online while streaming.


Quarterjade had an interesting start to her career. Her ex-boyfriend Lannimal taught her how to stream (something she won’t regret that he did!). As she was already a good player, this was perfect for her as she could share her game with others on the internet. Quarterjade started on Twitch and published her first video in 2017. Her debut on YouTube was with the video titled “I Hate Campers” uploaded on March 8 2018 which got 15K views.

Initially, she used to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. That boosted her career as people loved her gameplay. Then over the years, she upgraded herself by playing and n0w mainly streams games like Among Us, Valorant, Minecraft, and League of Legends. Quarterjade is a full-time streamer on Twitch and also actively shares reaction videos and highlights of the streams on YouTube. She also uploads vlogs mostly with her friends and boyfriend. In fact, she also does live chat and interacts with the audience.

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Quarterjade is best known for her Valorant gameplays. Can’t blame her as she began playing as soon as it came out when people didn’t know much about Valiant. She used the agent Jett very often followed by Reyna and Omen avatars. After a while when Among Us started picking up popularity, she took a break from Valorant and joined her friends Valkyrie, Sykkuno, Disguised Toast, Corpse Husband, Masayoshi, and many more to play Among Us. Quarterjade was lucky enough to play with former GOT7 members Bambam and Mark.

However, what hindered her progress were toxic comments and sexist remarks from stream hoppers. She explained how difficult it is to be a female gamer in a field dominated by men. So slowly she stopped playing Among Us and went back to streaming Valiant. As disappointing as it sounds, she was attacked again and again during a Valorant solo stream where an opponent used harsh words and attacked her by commenting on her looks. No matter what Quarterjade fought back bravely and continues to be an amazing sweet gamer who is good at what she does.

Quarterjade was a part of OfflineTV’s big Minecraft and Rust servers. She is also good at playing raft along with her friends. She played Apex Legends for a brief period as well. Other than that Quarter Jade has even participated in the OTV  Valorant Charity Event as a part of Team Michael.

Interestingly, Quarterjade was one of the lucky content creators who got invited to the Streamer Camp by Fuse. That is when she met Masayoshi and PeterParkTV. Soon following that they started collaborating as a trio and played games like Minecraft and League of Legends. They can also be seen in many of her vlogs.

Apart from her gaming personality, Quarterjade is a social media influencer. She has 440K followers on Instagram, 484.6K followers on Twitter.

The successful gamer has an online store that sells origin collections inspired by neon lights merchandise at www.quarterjade.com. It ranges from sweatshirts, facemasks, hoodies, joggers, T-shirts, hats, and more. all the merchandises are affordable and cost around $20-$55.


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Quarterjade has been in a relationship with fellow Twitch streamer, Masayoshi with whom she has been streaming games. They were secretly dating since July 2019 and made it official in December 2019 on Instagram. Quarterjade posted a picture of them with a cute caption. Masayoshi is of Japanese- Italian descent and lives in California. He has his own channel where he mostly lives streams League of Legends. He also has a massive fan following.

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What ethnicity is Quarterjade?

During a VALORANT solo stream, an opponent attacked her and used curse words, made mean remarks about her looks, and used sexist slurs. Jodi, better known as Quarterjade on social media, was born on August 27, 1997, in the United States. Jodi is half-Norwegian and half-Chinese in descent.

Are Quarterjade and Masayoshi related?

Family Life
He was born and raised in California. He’s of Japanese, Italian, and German descent. He has a brother. He is in a relationship with Quarterjade.

HOW MUCH DOES Quarterjade make?

How much money does Quarterjade make per month? In total, Quarterjade makes an estimated $15,000 – $23,000 per month from streaming on Twitch and posting videos on her YouTube channel.
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