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How Tall Is Duke Dennis? Know All About This YouTuber And His Family | Career | Lifestyle | Relationships And More?

Duke Dennis is an American YouTuber and streamer. He is popularly known for his NBA 2K gameplay videos. He is an influencer with a great fan base on YouTube and other social media platforms. But how you ever wondered How tall is Duke Dennis? Let us know more about this Basketball fan.

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Duke was born on 26 February 1994 in South Carolina, USA. His zodiac sign is Pisces. He holds American nationality. His ethnicity is mixed as he is of American-African descent. How tall is Duke Dennis? He is over 6 Ft 1 inch tall with a slim and fit athletic body figure. Duke has never disclosed much about his family history, background, and anything so information about his parents and siblings is not available. In one of his videos, Duke had mentioned his stepfather so that means his parents might have separated and his mom remarried.

Since childhood, Duke was interested in Basketball. How tall is Duke Dennis must be a big factor influenced by his love for the sport? Nothing much about his education is mentioned.


How tall is Duke dennis
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Duke took advantage of How tall is Duke Dennis by playing Basketball but in an interesting way- stimulation games. He uploaded his first YouTube video on October 29 2016 titled “ NBA 2K17 Dropped 19 On Superstar Head” which got 50K views. It was quite a commendable start.

This article knows more about How Tall Is Duke Dennis and also his video contents are mostly about 2K gameplay, reactions, vlogs, and so on. In a live chat, Duke talked about his rise as a YouTuber and he said that his brother Darius supported him a lot in the initial days when had just started making videos. He gave his room to Duke and told him to use it as much as he wants to make his videos and his brother even slept on the couch.

How tall is Duke Dennis
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Duke is one of the most famous names in the world of 2K gameplay worldwide. In just four years,  Duke Dennis’s popularity rose from 15K subscribers to 1.59 million on YouTube.

He has two YouTube accounts, one is the main account named Duke Dennis and the second one is under the name of DeeBlock Duke with 432K subscribers. His main account is all about NBA gameplays whereas the other one is more like an unofficial account where he posts reaction videos and vlogs.

Most of us know him for his brilliant gaming skills but what people may not know is that before starting his career as a YouTuber, Duke Dennis served in the United States Army. How tall is Duke Dennis can probably be a good reason for his recruitment in the army?

While narrating his journey in the army he talked about how his stepfather used to drop him at the army recruiting center. He was forbidden to use a cell phone even though he didn’t have one. Duke was also sent to South Carolina and Germany during his tenure.

In a Vlog, he said that his time in the army was the most depressing thing. He hated his life back then felt that it was not meant for him. He wanted to go back home as soon as he started but his mother didn’t want that so he stayed back trying to like what he was doing.

How tall is Duke Dennis
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When he was sent to Germany Duke even thought of different ways to get out of the army like smoking weed or cussing someone. That is how much of the worst experience it was for him. How tall is Duke Dennis is not much? He sighed relief when his first sergeant summoned him to his cabin and told him to leave if he wanted to and that he won’t be forced to work there.

So after three years Duke left the army and went back home to pursue a career on YouTube which is quite successful today.

Duke also uploads gaming videos on Twitch.


Duke Dennis has a younger brother and a stepfather who has been married to his mother since Duke was a child. Duke Dennis is not in a relationship right now. Reacting to one of his videos where a fan was addressing rumors about him smashing his girlfriend, he has admitted clearly that he is single.

He also talked about this preference for girls and that he is mainly interested in black girls. Duke said in the open that white girls don’t attract him. He had two girlfriends in the past.  But as of now, he is all single and focused on his career.

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Duke Dennis’s main source of income is the videos on his YouTube channels. There has been significant growth in the number of subscribers over the four years of his debut on YouTube. With over 1.59 million subscribers, Duke probably earns almost $7.4K-118.9K$ per year.

Duke Dennis has 540K followers on Instagram. So he does sponsorship for various products. For each post, he gets a certain amount for promoting that product. He charges approximately $1,200-$2,000. Not only that but he also sells merchandise for his fans on www.designbyhumans.com. He sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, and much more that are custom-made at very affordable prices.

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Know about How Tall Is Duke Dennis


Where is Duke Dennis from?

South Carolina

According to information available on his brother’s Instagram and social network, the YouTuber currently resides in South Carolina, the USA. The gamer does not reveal his house’s exact location but he calls it “AdBlock.” In one of his videos, the YouTube star described his residence.

How much money does Duke Dennis make?

Duke Dennis earns an estimated $174.01 thousand a year. If a channel is monetized through ads, it earns money for every thousand video views.

Is Duke Dennis still in the army?

AMP Ben 10 on Twitter: “I’m not in the army anymore. I was a few years ago tho lol”.

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