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Any Idea About Benny Soliven age? When Was This YouTuber Born? Get All Updates About His Life| Plot| Family| Career and Much More!!!

Benny Soliven is a popular YouTuber known for his prank, challenge, reaction, and comedy videos. He not only has a good fan base on YouTube but also on other social media platforms like Instagram. But people might not know much about his childhood and personal life. So let us know something more about this YouTube star in the article.

Benny Soliven age
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Know about Benny Soliven age and also early life-

Benny Soliven’s age not much. Benny Soliven was born on January 27, 1993, in Stockton, California. His ethnicity is biracial as he is of African-American descent. To be precise he is Puerto Rican American nationality-wise. He has a baby sister, Ariana Giselle. His mother, Ruth Soliven was a teenager when he was born and she had just completed high school. Her parents supported her as she was so young and helped her with the baby. Her mother was younger than Benny Soliven’s age back then.

As she was a good student, she wanted to go to college. However, just a few months before Benny was born, Benny’s grandmother gave birth to a son, Alex, and started going to school. Ruth had to juggle a lot between studying in college and taking care of her brother and her son which was very tiring for a 20-something years old woman.

Benny Soliven age
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So they decided that Benny’s mother will take care of him and Alex in the morning, while his grandmother went to school and Ruth, enrolled herself in night school so that she can study peacefully after Benny had slept.

At Benny Soliven’s age always used to get sick during his childhood and he even had seizures. So she was always worried about his health. When Benny Soliven age was 6 years old, his mother along with him moved out of their grandparents’ place when Ruth was working as an accountant.

Nothing much is known about Benny’s father but it seems like although Benny was raised by a single mother, now he is in touch with his father. His mother struggled to raise a baby as a teenage mom but managed to give him a comfortable life and a good upbringing even though at times they struggled financially and to even have two square meals. Benny Soliven age was very crucial when his father was arrested.

Since Benny Soliven age was just as much as a teenager’s, Benny has been suffering from Kyphosis, a disease that causes an increased front-to-back curve of the upper spine. He had a tough time accepting and constantly tried to hid it from others. He was always very conscious about it.


Benny Soliven age is 28 years old as of 2021. His height is 5 ft 7 inches. He has dark black hair and beautiful brown eyes.


Benny’s debut video on YouTube was “Life with Kyphosis” and it was uploaded on June 30, 2015. It was the first time when he openly addressed him having Kyphosis. His raw and honest video was liked by many and the video got 182,922 views. Slowly he rose to fame and the content of his videos are mostly challenges, pranks, and comedy videos, and vlogs.

Benny Soliven age was very less when he first started uploading videos on YouTube. He often posts videos with his girlfriend, Alondra as well as his family members, mostly his mom, grandmother, or sister.

Benny Soliven age
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Out of all his videos until now, Benny soliven’s music video “Put You On” featuring his girlfriend Alondra garnered maximum views of 10 million. It was released on February 6, 2020. His other music videos that became popular are “Broke Bitch”, “Go Dumb”, “Us Always” and “Better Things”. For the past few months, his videos were all about his baby’s progress in a fun way starting from listening to its heartbeat to the baby shower party.

Benny has a total of 1.18 subscribers on YouTube at present, 867K followers on Instagram, and 299K followers on Twitter. He also collaborates with other creators such as Nestor Aguilar, Candy Aguilar, and Nicole Valadez.


Benny Soliven age
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Benny is in a relationship with fellow YouTuber and beauty vlogger Alondra Ortiz since 2020. Benny Soliven’s age was not much when he met the love of his life. They are happily in love as is very evident from their YouTube videos and their frequent posts with each other on social media. They have always been frank about their relationship and never tried to hide it from the public. In fact, the lovely couple gave birth to a baby boy on June 22, 2021. Best wishes to the new little family!

At Benny Soliven’s age, he is a family man who loves spending time with his family and now his girlfriend and baby. His videos clearly how close and affectionate he is towards his family.


As a YouTuber, benny’s main source of income is the videos he uploads on the streaming platform. Observing his fame and increase in subscribers over the years, the estimated Net worth is $10K-$15K according to sources.

Apart from that he also does sponsorships. Taking into account Benny’s latest 15 posts, the average engagement rate per post is almost 17 percent. So considering all this, he gets paid approximately $2,229-$3,716 for each sponsorship advertisement on Instagram. Hence, if we include everything mentioned above then Benny Soliven’s net worth is $200,000-$300,000. At Benny Soliven’s age, he is a successful artist, a dedicated family guy, and hopefully a perfect dad!

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Does Benny Soliven have a kid?
The duo had their first child, a baby boy, together on 22 June 2021. Some videos on Benny’s channel that feature his girlfriend are OUR FIRST DATE! He also uploaded the OFFICIAL LABOR  & DELIVERY VIDEO on YouTube.
How did Benny meet Alondra?
Alondra quickly shut down Tre’s claim, explaining that she met Benny on the Montana trip, which was after she had broken up with Tre. Fonticha Tran is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is also responsible for researching and writing news articles.
What happened with Alondra And Benny?
On Christmas Eve last year, Alondra announced to her YouTube followers that she had split from ex-boyfriend Tre. She spoke about going on a trip to Montana with him where she also spent time with Benny. In her video she denied cheating on Trey with Benny, saying: “To me, it is messed up that people are saying I cheated…”
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