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When does Boruto get good? Why is Boruto a disappointment? Is it worth watching? Exclusive News!

About Boruto

When does Boruto get good: Boruto is an anime written by Mikio Ikemoto and a contribution by Masashi Kishimoto. The series was released in June 2016. Boruto is the son of Naruto which is another most popular anime character upon which a whole anime series is developed.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a series that portrays Boruto and carries forwards the story. It shows Birute from the initial stage to his development as well as the grown stage. It also shows the challenges faced by him during the journey. When does Boruto get good? When was the part when everyone liked the series? You will get the answers in this article.

Boruto: Why a Disappointment?

When does Boruto get good: Boruto might seem boring but it surely has a good factor. However, the series isn’t up to the mark after being the Naruto franchise. Boruto is a simple show which can be a one-time watch. There are reasons for this anime not reaching the benchmark set which are listed below-

When does Boruto get good? Why is Boruto a disappointment? Is it worth watching? Exclusive News!
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No individuality – There is part of Naruto which marks the beginning of this show and introduces Boruto. This increases everyone’s expectations of the show. The story isn’t new rather a sequel to the existing one. Boruto also possesses few characteristics of Naruto. There is no emotional dimension in the story.

Boruto doesn’t seem like a powerful character because he has been associated with Naruto and got all the privileges without having anything at hand. Boruto’s image isn’t formed clearly in front of the audience. The lack of feelings is a big loophole. Everyone still wondered when does Boruto get good or hopes to make it a different turn and be a bold story on its own.

Naruto’s Action – Boruto didn’t get much from his father and was mistreated. Naruto clearly fails at fatherhood as per the scenario. It was annoying to see the fan’s favorite character turning cool. The show marks the flaws carried. Boruto’s perspective is the main focus. His struggle to understand was not really likable as it wasn’t Interesting.

Relatability – Boruto’s character wasn’t relatable to the fans compared to Naruto. Borgo had no tempting characteristics to the viewers. He came into recognition solely because of his father as he doesn’t have much role to play as he’s shown more in his immature phase than adulthood.

Sailing- The action scenes are the best yet the characters aren’t that powerful. They lack that strong effect and power in them. Boruto also defeats Momoshiki in the show. The situation may seem a bit realistic but this is how Boruto goes. The characters don’t relate in any term. They have extra phenomenal powers pf destroying the planet.

When does Boruto get good?

When does Boruto get good:  The fans have always been wondering about the good part of Boruto as the storyline and character isn’t that strong as expected. The series could have been far better than this as compared to its parent Naruto. Everyone believes that it has the potential to be everyone’s favorite yet it lacks something or the other.

When does Boruto get good? Why is Boruto a disappointment? Is it worth watching? Exclusive News!


Naruto with no doubt will stay on top and Boruto has no comparison to that. The series doesn’t take much great turn and stays almost the same throughout. The whole dependency of the popularity of this series was on Naruto otherwise there was no scope for this series to get fame. However, if seen individually without its relation with Naruto the series can prove to be the best but the moment, we start to interlink them, it loses the charm.

Naruto is mentioned every time whereas Boruto is mentioned less relatively. However, it surely contains an interesting part which is the mystery of Karma seals. The character Kawaki also played a major role in making the series better. Kawaki has the grip. The starting of the series with the gloomy look also fascinates the viewers and marked as a powerful start of the magma. The dark time surely sets the fire show.

Sarada, Boruto, Kawaki were also the strongest and best characters of the show. The animation is amazing along with the screenplay. The power is visible throughout the show. The anime is settled well and the depiction is on point which makes it a great anime.

Popularity of Boruto

When does Boruto get good:  Boruto both as a character as well the series based on him had mixed reviews. The viewers didn’t like the character initially but there has been a sudden jump in the popularity of Boruto. Everyone is talking about it nowadays as it has surely captured the public’s attention.  The shift of the perspective of seeing him as an individual character rather than the next generation of Naruto has led to a change in opinion.

When does Boruto get good? Why is Boruto a disappointment? Is it worth watching? Exclusive News!

Is Boruto worth watching?

When does Boruto get good:  The lead Naruto has barely any role to play in this series and there’s the least importance given to him despite being everyone’s favorite character. The character of Boruto is somewhat underdeveloped and there are chances that the viewer will wait for the part where Boruto gets good. Overall, it’s not that good like other anime series but an average one.


Q: When does Boruto get good?

A: Boruto gets good when there is the gloomy fascinating sequence.

Q: When was Boruto released?

A: 5th April 2017

Q: Who is the lead chacater Boruto?

A: Boruto is Naruto’s son.



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