Top 8 Crown Molding Jigs of All Times: Find the Best One to BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME!

Contents What is Crown molding jigsThings to keep in mind :List of Crown molding jigs:1. General tools 881 E-Z pro crown king molding jigs :2. Kreg KMA2800 crown pro crown molding tool :3. General tools …

What is Crown molding jigs

Crown moldings add uniqueness to the entire room. Crown molding jigs are not easy to find. But if you have found the right one for your home it will change the look of your home. But you must keep few things in mind before choosing a crown molding jig for your home. Read on for knowing more about crown molding jigs.

Things to keep in mind :

Assembling a jig can be frustrating. It can be tedious. So, if you are a person who doesn’t know to assemble the jig you must choose the one that doesn’t need assembly. Another case is the compatibility of the jigs. Most of the jigs work with any miter saw. Always check the label to make sure the jig will go along with the saw you have. Jigs produce different kinds of cuts. Some jigs are limited in features while the others contain wide features. So choose a jig that can cut a wide range of angles so that you can produce anything you want.

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Now,  let us move into the list of the best crown molding jigs available in the market.

List of Crown molding jigs:

1. General tools 881 E-Z pro crown king molding jigs :


This is one of the very easy-to-use crown molding jigs. It is trusted by many customers. This crown molding jig is suitable for customers with no experience to a fully experienced person. The special design makes it simple to work with and make fine and professional cuts. It is very durable and easy to carry around. It is comfortable to work with. It is super sturdy and allows you to work for every type of crown molding job. All these features come with a high price. This is one of the highly expensive crown molding jigs available. This is the best crown molding jig to buy if you are ready to spend some money.

2. Kreg KMA2800 crown pro crown molding tool :

This crown molding jig from Kreg is a moderately priced one. It is durable and easy to be transported. This jig is sturdy and also lightweight. It is suitable to work with all types of miter saws. It has nonslip rubber feet in the bottom is very suitable to place the crown molding jig on a working surface.

This crown molding jig however is not very suitable for beginners. One must have a little practice with this tool to unlock and discover all the features of this jig.

3. General tools 870 crown king crown molding jig:


This is a good crown molding jig. It is versatile and can be used to cut different angles to gain desired results. This tool is also sturdy and light-weighted. This is easy to carry around and gives the users the best results. They are designed to give long-term results. This is also not a very easily usable crown molding jig. It can be tough for beginners to get on with this tool. Practice can only make this tool easier for anyone to work with. But, an experienced person can easily work with this crown molding jig.

4. Milescraft 1405 crown 45 molding tool:


This crown molding jig is definitely a pro. It is compatible to work with any miter saw. It can also cut various angles. They are very good at compound cuts. They make fine compound cuts and are especially known for it. It doesn’t need much maintenance. It need not be assembled out of the box. So, it is suitable for beginners who know only a little about crown moldings. It is also the best for traveling with a low profile design. But, the price is high. It is one of the most expensive jigs. It is not suitable for budget buyers.

5. Rockler speed cope:

This is a crown molding jig for experienced people who need a jig to cut a wide variety of angles. It is also flexible to work with. The curved design makes things easier for performing a wide range of works.

It costs high. For the money you spend on this jig you can buy many other jigs with similar features. It is durable and suitable for many types of miter saws. The only problem with this jig is the money. If you are ready to spend a lot of money but need a perfect crown molding jig you can go for it.

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6. Dewalt DW7084 crown stops:


Dewalt is one of the trusted brands that treat their customers with good-value products. They have been providing a fine tool for decades now.

This crown molding jig has been designed uniquely. It is built with aluminum making the product both lightweight and durable. It is compatible and easy to travel with. This tool is however not suitable for beginners. It is a little chunky to get started. It needs an assembly before starting which can be confusing. After assembling you need to work based on a user interface that can be hard to follow. This is affordable and from a good brand making it the ideal choice. If you are OK with the fuss it creates while assembling and working you can go for it.

7. Bosch MS1233 crown stop kit :

This crown molding jig from Bosch works with the Bosch miter saw. It comes with mounting knobs, crown stops, and hardware. It allows crown molding to be done against the fence. It is also not suitable for beginners. But when used by an experienced person it can work very well and produce fine crown moldings. It is lightweight and durable. It also goes along with Hitachi and Ryobi units.

8. Bench dog 10-027 crown molding cutting jig:

It is one of the safest and famous jigs in the market. It performs perfectly. It is made with polymer and it is durable. An upside-down and backward cutting method is ideal. This product comes with an instruction manual. You can follow the instruction manual to get the best out of it. It also comes with a lifelong warranty.

Crown molding jigs are essential for furnishing homes. This article lists out the best crown molding jigs available in the market. You can choose from this to buy the jig which is suitable for you.

Do you have Crown molding jigs? Which one do you think is the best from the list of the Crown molding jigs? Do you want more lists like Crown molding jigs? Let us know in the comments.


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