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Love Alarm Season 2 Updates: Release date | Plot | Romantic Comedy, Streaming. Where to Watch it?

Love Alarm is one of the most popular romantic comedy series on Netflix. Love Alarm is one of the most loved dramas. Its first season received a tremendous amount of love and appreciation from the fans as well as the critics. The romantic comedy-drama based in South Korea gained all the attraction from the youths and the teens. the Love Alarm basically revolves around a dating app that notifies when it finds a suitable match within a distance of 10 meters.

After the release of its first season, fans went crazy about the drama. Fans took to their social media handles and appreciated the Netflix Drama for the excitement and the spice which it had. When the first season ended with a total of 8 episodes, there was a massive demand for the next season. The makers were satisfied with the popularity and the profit gained by the first season and hence they are ready to come up with season 2.

Netflix confirmed the coming of Love alarm season 2 in August 2020. So fans, be ready to witness the brand new season of your favorite drama, LOVE ALARM. So we have information about Love Alarm Season 2 which is surprising.

Love Alarm
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Release Date of Love Alarm Season 2.

Love Alarm season 2 is officially ready to add a new season in the series. Makers and Netflix officially announced the good news in August 2020. Since then, fans are eagerly waiting to witness Love Alarm Season 2. Earlier there were speculations that season 2 will be coming in December 2020 but unfortunately, the release was affected badly due to the pandemic.

Love alarm is one of the best series on Netflix that’s why the makers thought that they also take out the second series Love Alarm 2‘s to be released soon in theaters and it is coming very fast so that you just keep calm for this series.

However Netflix and the producers of this show are bringing more viewer’s glimpses So here we talk about the cast who will enter again Hwang Sun Oh and Kim Jo Jo’s show is in the set and return with a fresh storyline and full of drama you should know that it is a mature performance and full of romance with is a good part of heart.

Makers decided to postpone the production work as South Korea was already fighting with the corona virus. So, keeping the safety of the cast and crew, the production work got delayed. But fans don’t get disappointed as season 2 will surely release and it will come with a bang. Although according to the sources season 2 will be released by the mid of 2021. Fans maintain your patience and don’t lose your excitement and enthusiasm as season 2 definitely will be a more exciting and interesting one.

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Love Alarm Season 1 story

As we know Love Alarm is based in South Korea and revolves around a dating app that finds a person matching your profile within a distance of 10 meters. The romantic comedy series shows love stories started with a dating app. The lead characters in the story are Kim Jojo, Hye-Yonge, and Sun-Oh. They all are in their teenage desperate to find a person whom they can date.

All of them have their accounts on a dating app. The story moves formed with the love triangle formed between the trio. Both Sun-oh and Hye-Yeong had feelings for JoJo. As the dating app works only with romantic feelings hence it was quite impossible for both the boys to hide their feelings. Hye-Yeong and Sun-oh were just like brothers from another mother.

When Hye-Yeong came to know that his friend, Sun-oh also has feelings for Jojo, he decided to back out. But as it wasn’t possible to hide feelings, Hye-Yeong decided to uninstall the app for the sake of his best friend. After all this, Jojo and Sun-Oh came to know each other and started dating each other. But as soon as they entered a relationship, Jojo finds Cheong Duk Gu as her classmate. She started developing feelings for him and got attracted to Cheong Duk Gu. She got a shield for her dating app and used it as a tool to end all the ties with Sun-oh.

Then after four years, she ran into Sun – Oh, and Hye-Yeong. The twist is both the boys still liked Jojo and had feelings in their heart. Although Hye-Yeong decided to control his emotions and meanwhile Sun-Oh had grudges against Jojo as she cheated on him for another boy. Love Alarm Season 2 is now on the peak

Love Alarm Season 2 Plot

After the very exciting end of Season 1, we will see a more interesting unfolding of the feelings through a dating app named Love Alarm in season 2. We will be seeing how Jojo struggles to find the developer of the app so that he can help her out to remove the shield from her app. Due to the shield on her dating app, it is not possible for her to ring anyone and nobody can come to know about her romantic feelings. When she meets Hye-Yonge and Sun-oh, both the boys ringed her app but she was unable to ring theirs. We again will be witnessing the love Triangle.

We will be seeing Jojo in a confused state as she developed feelings for both Hye-Yeong and Sun-Oh. She will be trapped in a dilemma of whom to choose as her lover. After the removal of the shield, she managed to ring both the boys. now, it will be really exciting to watch that out of the two boys who will end up in a relationship with Jojo.

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Love Alarm
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Love Alarm season 2 characters

There is no official announcement regarding the list of casts that we will be seeing in season 2. But here are some confirmed cast members that we will surely meet in the new season –

  • Kim So-Hyun
  • Jung Ga-ram
  • Song Kang

Love Alarm Season 2 trailer

There hasn’t been any trailer released till now. Also, there are no official announcements regarding the release of the trailer. But we can expect the trailer release soon. But we are looking forward to Love alarm season 2, we will update you as soon as possible as the trailer will out, meanwhile here is the season 1 trailer.