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Niecy Nash posted an Instagram photo in which she married to singer Jessica Bett: This so surprising

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Niecy Nash is now married to singer Jessica Betts. It is a surprise wedding and nobody knew it before her post. Niecy nash uploaded a picture of her wedding day and reveal her wedding on Instagram. Niecy Nash is an American comedian, model, producer, television host, and actress. She is a happy woman and now she posted her wedding photo which comes out as a surprise to everyone. Jessica Betts is a great singer of American nationality. They both are looking happy in those photos.

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Let me tell you Niecy nash was married before to Jay tucker. After getting divorced from him, she is attached to Jessica Betts. She wrote in a caption that “I got a whole wife.” Before marriage, she was enjoying her single status. She did a nude photoshoot in which she shared her feelings “I was coming up on my 50th trip around the sun, and I was like, ‘We need to document this. I want to take some pictures and really cement on this occasion. There is something about knowing exactly who you are and curating a life that brings you joy every day. I felt I was becoming for a while, and now the things that I was becoming, have manifest. I’m out of the cocoon. I’ve got my wings.” She is really happy after getting her freedom. She continued her statement “This is the first time I’ve ever lived alone in my life, and I’m obsessed. I love it! You evolve. Who I was when I met my second husband 10 years ago is not who I am today, And at this age, you live long enough to know you don’t owe anybody anything. I’m a whole goal all by myself.”

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In the Instagram photos of her wedding day, she looks beautiful. She wore a beautiful white wedding dress with a long tail. She holds the hand of Jessica and giving a big smile on her face. Jessica is also looking happy in the photo. Nash grabbed a bouquet in her hand. The same post has been posted by Jessica on her Instagram account.

It is a great surprise for all of their fans who keep commenting surprisingly on her Instagram post. The fans are in shock. Keep reading to know more about her and her relationships on this page. We will let you about anything and everything.