HomeEntertainmentHow Tis Cyrus, mother of Hanna Montanna fame Miley Cyrus dealt with all the responsibilities. Read here.

How Tis Cyrus, mother of Hanna Montanna fame Miley Cyrus dealt with all the responsibilities. Read here.

Since childhood, one of the favorite musical shows for the majority of Millenial kids would be Hanna Montanna for sure. Mostly because of the stellar acting skills of the protagonist Miley Cyrus. But the lady behind that very talented actor and singer was her Mother Tis Cyrus who also happened to be her manager in the early stages of her career. Read the full article here to know more about the daughter-mother duo and how mother TisCyrus dealt with fame as it came after the popularity of daughter Miley Cyrus.

Let us have a look at this video projecting the relationship of Tis Cyrus and her husband Billy Ray Cyrus –

How This Cyrus came into the limelight:

Miley Cyrus started her career at a very early age. She got a breakthrough by the Hannah Montanna musical show. The show was a super hit as many teenage people back then and for a few years to come were influenced by the show. During these times Miley Cyrus was looked after by her Mother Tis Cyrus. She would be the manager of Miley and take care of her through all the tours Miley ever went to. Miley Cyrus was the daughter of Tim and Billy Ray Cyrus. Consequently, the couple had two more babies. The relationship of Tis and Billy had its ups and downs as the couple had filed for a divorce 2 times but canceled and decided to ultimately stay together.

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This Cyrus previously had a relationship with Baxter Helson. She had two kids with him which were later adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus. The two divorces filled by Tis and billy came in 2010 and 2017 respectively and both were dismissed. The couple seems to have differences but they managed to stick together through thick and thin.

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While This Cyrus managed her daughter Miley she also later managed her younger daughter Noah. Eventually, both the daughters made a career in music. This, apart from the manager her daughter also produced some of Miley’s work such as Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour, The Last Song, So Undercover, and LOL. While sharing her experience o working with her own daughter Miley she mentions that Miley would fire her from her Job but then Tis would remind her that she is a minor and can not take her own decisions. Such used to be the case when the mother-daughter duo worked together. Seems like a healthy relationship, isn’t it?

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This had also played a role in the show Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer with another daughter named Brandi. All in all, This was a great mother and alongside having a few kids and managing them she superbly managed the fame and work-life balance that we talk about so much in today’s world.