Rosie O’Donnell Weighs In On Ellen DeGeneres Controversy: ‘You Can’t Fake Your Essence’

Many times a small issue can blow your mind where the other things cannot!! Do you know how??? If at all you get surprised to let it be because we are human beings where the controversial issues make us more anxious where the name itself tells about it! Controversial matters are always made, us curious but in some cases, we can hurt our brain too…Let’s check out it now!!!


Rosie O’Donnell shared her thoughts on the recent controversy surrounding T.V talk show host Ellen de Genres where the television personality revealed she has compassion for became the subject of an internal investigation into allegations that it was a toxic environment with sexual harassments.

Replying to actor busy Philipps podcast, Rosie O’Donnell defended Ellen as she cannot fake her essence, and that why Rosie had compassion for ellen.

We all know that how ellen struggled in her life and stood up know where the bold, brave ellen DeGeneres can face anything which can be a hurdle for others!

Ellen in a recent interview stated as Ïm gonna answer all my fans who are supporting me for seventeen years” which is not a short period where I stood today.

From the statement, we can guess a very brilliant answer is coming up where everyone can sit quietly to hear out the controversial issues heading up about ellen. Ellen stood like a wall where the wall stands for heavy rainfalls, thunders, and many more where the drizzle and breeze cant do anything with the wall.

Support from fans is a big asset to ellen where everyone always supports her. The 56year old producer, tv host is going to answer her fans soon where the fans have to wait for some time which is workable for ellen.