Treat for fans!! BLACKPINK ft Selena Gomez’s Ice Cream Or BTS Dynamite. How people loved it?

Coronavirus outbreak has affected almost every part of the world. Every field has been worse affected by the pandemic. But it seems that the music industry has found its way. Even in the pandemic, the music industry has released many albums and released many wonderful songs for music lovers. Also, K-Pop fans are luckier. BTS has added to its collection. It has released “Dynamite” on 21st August. After that Blackpink also came up with “Ice Cream” featuring Selena Gomez. Ice Cream was released recently on August 28.


Dynamite is really very special for BTS. Dynamite is the first song of BTS which is completely in English. The famous band BTS has u main band boys. The boys – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V have gained high fan popularity all around the world. Dynamite was really a big challenge for the team. They never released any such song which is completely in English. Within 24 hours of release, the video was viewed by 101 million viewers on YouTube. This proves how much fans love their favorite band BTS and it’s members. The pop video received all love and support from the fans. The whole video revolves around friends and how it is worth spending time with friends.

Image source – BTS.


“Ice Cream”

Black pink is one of the most popular bands in the world. This time Blackpink has come with “Ice Cream”. They have the most interesting collaboration for Ice Cream. They contacted Selena Gomez to collaborate with them. And guess what, she said yes. Blackpink released ” Ice Cream” on 28th August in collaboration with the very famous singer, Selena Gomez. Within just 3 hours of release, Ice cream received 10 million views on YouTube. Selena was seen riding in an ice cream truck. Black pink features all bright colors in the video. Selena Gomez looked stunning in a striped bikini. We could also see cotton candy houses in the video.

Image source – Blackpink.


So now, both the bands, Blackpink and BTS have the huge fanbase, and also Dynamite and Ice Cream is special in its own way. It would be interesting to see what the music video will receive more love and views from the audience.