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Divorce alert: George and Amal Clooney can’t stand each other now and are on verge on getting divorce. Know all insights.

George Clooney and Amal Clooney

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George and Amal were considered happily married couple having two kids who are twins unless the COVID-19 crisis came in their life, and the quarantine lifestyle changed everything. The information has been collected by the sources obtained by someone insider that these quarantine days were like hell for the couple as they were just not getting along with each other and some sources also tell that the situation got so much worse than the couple were not even talking with each other and were sleeping in different rooms too.

Amal can’t stand George.

It has been informed that the situation between both is just getting worse day by day as there has been a major parenting difference between two. As the quarantine life making all of us spend our time with our family and closed ones, it seems that all of this has been a little extra for all Hollywood stars as they were not able to cope up with their relationship and their house. According to George 59, he can’t stand his wife Amal 42, bossing him around everywhere and taunting him at everything he does. On the other side, we cannot judge any story by listening to one side only.

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Amal says that George is like a kid who has just grown up physically but still a kid; he is the person who has been sitting at one place all day filling his mouth with just junkies. He also doesn’t make himself wash up and throws everything anywhere in the house. The situation got worse that the couple is just verge on breaking up and calling their relationship to quit any minute now. Amal also says that she has been fed up with picking George’s things after he does whatever he was doing.

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