Who owns more net worth after the split up, Scott Disick or Sofia Richie? Know all insights just here.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick breakup

Credit:- cheatsheet.com                                                                                                                                                                                                     The world was coming out of the news from Sofia and Scott relationship as they can’t stand the fact that Scott has moved on so much rapidly from his breakup with Courtney Kardashian that it became all unbelievable but also done in really a small interval of time, also coming in relationship with 16 years younger girl made it all little late to accept. But the biggest news now about Scott is that his new good going 3 years relationship with Sofia was dealing with some rough patch and didn’t make it through to the last as last Wednesday their news about breakup highlighted the news and social media. 

Sofia Richie’s background and net worth

As everyone says, that girl would be very lucky who will be with Scott as she would have all luxuries of the world but little did they know every girl doesn’t need luxuries given by his partner as Sofia was not the girl who was living on Scott’s money. Being the most famous musician Lionel Richie’s daughter, she was that one kid who was born into all the luxuries. Apart from it, Sofia was just 14 when she joined the modelling industry and became the youngest model to with richest net worth. So one can just not underestimate her for being 21 years old as she has been the owner of really a large time of wealth and according to Celebrity net worth she owns $8 million. As for Scott’s people also didn’t know about him more as only himself but he was always considered as Kardashian’s boyfriend. But he was also born into wealth as his family was a real estate development and he also starts modelling for some movies and industry thus he has a net worth of $40 million according to Celebrity net worth.

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