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Out of nowhere a huge amount of flock of crows gathered at one place. Know what’s happening in world all here.

The deal with the Crows

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The video of hundreds of crows gathering around the Wal-Mart in Texas has been recently gone viral which was first posted in 2016. Video shows that the crows were all over the place and wasn’t afraid of any humans and caught sitting on cars road and in no time they were blocking and arising traffic in the parking of the Wal-Mart in Houston, Texas. People were seen honking the car horn to move the crows. The scene was described as a horror movie came true as the crow is often related to spirits. As they were cawing loudly and seem unfazed by people nearby. However, at the end of the video, the crows were seen to be flying in the western direction, And people were finally coming out of the shop with there trolly and cars started moving.

Are crows spirits?

People related this unusual incident to a famous anime show “Naruto” as a character in the show call Itachi
Uchiha on commenting on the post about it. This video is misunderstood as a Saudi Arab video
and instantly got viral as the Wal-Mart in Saudi Arab as it was posted with “scary: Crows not allowing customers
to come out of the supermarket in Saudi. Is it the beginning of the end of the world?”, but it is from
Huston, Texas in United States of America and was filmed in 2016. And soon all misconceptions were disappeared.

Crows Mystery

The group of crows are called murders. Crows are extremely intelligent birds they have the largest brain of all except for parrots. The body to the brain ratio of the crow is equal to that of the chimpanzee. According to Scientist crows comes together for feeding, roosting, and social gathering. When a crow dies the group of crows surround the deceased, circling, and cawing to both mourns the dead and find out what killed their feathered
friend. Though it was still not confirmed yet, why they all gathered on that day at that place?

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