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You got to be kidding me!!! Another new virus that is deadlier than Coronavirus is found in China.

Coronavirus originated in China and the country kept quiet about it and we all know its repercussions. This one was found in the Wuhan region and was caused by eating a bat especially if it is infected. The virus became pandemic in no time and everything went haywire just because China didn’t warn us. There were rumors in between as well that it was their bioweapon to become stronger economically. Cannot blame the people for what they eat but the government could have given the rest of the world a heads up.

Kazakhstan Rejects Chinese Claim Of New Deadly Virus ...Source: factober.com


When the old virus broke out in Wuhan and other parts the government acted quickly and control the situation. Initially, the world was open and China was closed and now the situation is reversed and people all over the world are fighting the virus. Anyway, looks like Chinese people are not happy with the old virus so they came up with a new one. This one is said to be deadlier than the one we are dealing with, let’s hope it does not spread.

China Claims Unknown Pneumonia Deadlier Than Coronavirus ...Source: newsweek.com

A new region named Kazakhstan is where this unknown virus has originated. Do not get confused with the middle east country with a similar name. So this new virus has no name yet and if it is controlled properly it will not need one. When this news came to the government they acted quickly and had sealed the whole region just like Wuhan. Because of the safety measures, the cases started declining and the region came back to normal. So the government removed the seal but again the cases have started rising. 2,000 people were reported with a new virus in a day and this second round is more difficult and stronger.

Kazakhstan accused China of fabricating reports of an ...Source: businessinsider.com.au

As usual, the Kazakhs have dismissed the fact that there is a new virus in their region and claiming the news to be false. Unless the problem is admitted than how is someone going to find the solution. Hopefully, this hiding of a new virus does not make the whole world pay otherwise we have to be more careful. This new one has the potential to go pandemic however if the government and people coordinate than there will be no problem.