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Hailey Bieber Never Fails To Set a Trend- This Time it is Skin-tight Shorts!!

Hailey Bieber never fails to amaze her followers and fans with her stunning looks and hot figure! She once again amazed her fans by proving that skin-tight bike shorts are not going out of trend anytime soon. She slays in it completely!

Credits- glizmoposts

The athleisure was bought in trend by Kim Kadarshian and Well on Hailey Henie on West Hollywood last week.

Hailey Biber and Justin Bieber have captured paparazzi cuddling while the adorable couple picked up breakfast. Hailey Biber looked extra sunning and every inch of her body slayed. She was wearing green skin tight bike shorts which looked flawless on her with black shoes and black crop top.

Finding and layering clothes that go with each other is never easy but Hailey do it everytime like it is a cakewalk for her and leaves her fans awestruck with her amazing figure.

The skin-tight shorts are perfectly cut, shaped and makes the butts look so good and we think that is the foremost reason why Hailey likes it too.

No one ever thought such extreme skin tight shorts can become a trend with so much demand arising out of different parts of the world! But Hailey Bieber is no new when it comes to setting trends.

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We have also seen her setting trend of denim shorts which are best on sunny summer days and can be layered with any top,once again. She slays in that too. She sets trend for complete wardrobe and her fans admires her absolutely.

Basically, if you’ll see Hailey Bieber pictures slaying in skin tight shorts, you would definitely love to keep a collection of it in your wardrobe. Hailey Bieber has made it current top trend in the world.