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MEMPHIS CHILDREN FOUND ALIVE. They were missing since almost a year. Read to know the full story.

Child Trafficking is one of the most committed crimes in the world. There are numerous cases of child trafficking, child abuse, child labor, and several others. There is some strict law that punishes the criminal under some charges who are found to be involved in child trafficking. But even after these laws, cases related to child abuse and trafficking are increasing day by day.

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Recently there was a where three children were missing for one year from their home, away from their parents.  Recently two of them are doing alive and well near Miami. The mother of the children had to face some strict charges after two of her kids are found alive. The mother of three kids, two girls, and one bog is being charged for being a criminal. The two children found are girls. One of the girls was admitted to the hospital as she was having some injuries on her body while the other was taken under the police custody and was provided the required protection. Still the third child, the boy has to be found. There is no information regarding the boy. The police are trying their best to find the boy and give him the required protection.

What really happened with the kids?

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Police found the girls in Biscayne Park. The girl was barefoot. She was a 13-year-old child. She was hurt while she was trying to escape. She informed the cops about her house. She told the color of her house and also some house numbers near her home. The police quickly located her home and found her mother, Sandra Bates.

Sandra Bates was given a warrant and arrested under the charge of kidnapping and for seizing the kids and also she misbehaved with the children after which they escaped away from the house in order to save their lives.

Earlier it was believed that that the boy was in Florida but he was nowhere found. The officers are still searching for the boy.