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Jeffrey Epstein’s Right Hand Mystery Man And Sexually Abusing Underage Girls Ring is Going Under Investment soon

After Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, a man wearing a red hoodie and L.A Dodgers cap came outside from Manhattan mansion. His hat and shades covered his whole face and he carried a hefty blue gift bag while coming out of the massive townhouse where Jeffrey Epstein used to abuse underage girls for years.

A photographer has captured the scene from the day of 19 August 2019, in which he is captured and the pictures were even published.



Credits- Daily Mail

People identified the mystery man as Jeffrey Epstein’s long time accountant and co-executor of his $634 million estates: 47-year-old Richard Kahn.

The blue bag that he carried, a source informed that it contained Jeffrey Epstein’s funeral clothes.

Richard Kahn doesn’t have any social media account. He served as Epstein’s personal attorney for more than two decades and was very much close to him. He even paid for fertility treatments for Indyke and his wife.

Soon the investigation will sit in order to look into the incident after a lawsuit is filed by Jane Doe who claimed that she was 14 years old – Epstein’ and his ex-girlfriend Maxwell groomed and sexually abused her in 1994. Doe is targeting Richard and Maxwell in the case

Maxwell is in federal prison in Brooklyn. He is awaiting trial for her claimed role in sex ring run by Jeffrey Epstein. She could also sit in the deposition in Doe’s case.

In past weeks, Doe’s attorney wrote to the federal judge to Overview the case and indicated that Indyke would be disposed of.

She also plans to dispose of Kahn which is revealed by an email thread which the lawyer of Epstein’s received.

The investigation is expected to start soon and there are chances that there will be various court hearings and harsh investigations in order to bring out the truth.

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