Shania Twain Shared Pictures From Her Past: Sneak Peak To The Beginning Of Her Remarkable Journey.

Shania Twain explored her nostalgic side and shared multiple pictures from the time of the beginning of her career. The journey from being a newbie to one of the most famous names in the music world, her journey has been totally remarkable. Her song “Don’t be stupid, You know I love you” is still so fresh in our head and its lyrics never leave our lips after we hear it.

In the pictures that she shared from the past, she looked flawless in a blue short-sleeved t-shirt with a hat in it in her first post riding on a horse. The caption read- “Any man of mine better is proud of me” #TBT #Thewomaninme which is probably the lyrics of her song back from 1995. The song is still very famous, even after two decades. The video of the song has more than 106 million views.

You can watch the song here-

In the separate post, she uploaded the full-length pic in which she displayed her stomach and decolletage layered with light blue high waisted jeans and chaps over the top of it that had tassels hanging off them. She styled her openly waving in the air with a straw cowboy hat which she tied underneath her chin. It was also spotted that she had tied a bandana around her head and her nails were short. She uploaded three pictures in each post.No one will ever believe that she is 55!!

Credits- Variety

In the first post, there is a close-up look of Shania with her hand raised on the side of her face and her head is tilted towards the left. She made everything look so effortless. Her comment section lined up with love, admiration, and compliments which clearly shows how much she is loved across the world.