Goldenhar Syndrome suffering boy has the best twin brother for his support apart from his mother. Read to know more.

Parenting is difficult but parenting a specially-abled child is even more difficult. It demands patience and the power to overcome the difficult times faced by you and your child. Such a story is experienced by the mother named Charlene Beswick from Stoke-on-Trent, a county area in England. After her twins were born she found out that one of her children is born with Goldenhar Syndrome. One of her children has a deformed face with no eye, no ear and underdeveloped jaw on the right side of his face. Read the whole story here and get to know about the syndrome and how the mother coped with it and raised her children.

Let us first have a look at this video which shows the love and affection of the beautiful twin brothers and how one protects another –

About the kid:

Charlene Beswick claims she had a brilliant pregnancy period. Over the duration of her pregnancy, she never felt there was anything wrong or something unprecedented would happen to her twin children. But nature had different plans for the beautiful pair of brothers in the mother’s womb. One of the twin brothers was born with Gordenhar Syndrome and had an underdeveloped jaw and also did not have an eye and an ear.

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Charlene says when Harry and Oliver were born she was shocked as she found out that Harry was suffering from Gordenhar Syndrome. She later reflected back on the reports and scans and realised they missed the red flags all throughout. She also agrees to have faced post-natal depression and recovered from it. She says she is grateful to have the twins and would not have aborted pregnancy even if she knew this earlier.

Charlene mentions now that the twins are 12 years of age they are happy and doing good. But harry has faced a lot of bullying through his childhood. Children would run away from him calling him ugly and a Halloween monster. His brother Oliver would always be protective of his brother and never left his back. Charlene has also written a book on his pregnancy and how to parent a specially-abled kid as she believes that the struggle is real and parents who have gone through a similar lane would know the truth.

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