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Actress Genelia D’souza Tested Positive For COVID-19 Three Weeks Ago, Confirmed That She is Fine Now!!

Bollywood actress Genelia D’sSouza revealed three weeks back that she has been tested positive for COVID-19. Now she has declared that she is completely fine and finally have been tested negative on Saturday. She revealed that she was asymptomatic for the last 21 days.

Genelia said that she counts her blessings that the 21 days of fighting against the virus have been much easier but at the same time it was one of the most challenging phases of her life to be isolated for straight 21 days.  She also admitted that it is very tough to live in the isolation period.

She uploaded the post and story to inform her fans and followers to reveal that now she is fine and has tested negative. She said that no amount of face time and digital immersion can help when you are completely alone. She is now happy to return back to her loved ones, her husband and her kids. Loved ones are the strength and it is all one needs.

Credits- Fresh Press Journal

Genelia also suggested some tips on how to fight against the deadly coronavirus. She said that if you come in contact with someone who has symptoms or is positive, test yourself as soon as possible. If you feel even slightest of symptoms, test yourself, don’t take the risk.

Eating healthy is the only way to defeat the monster. Eating nutritious food and developing a strong immune system and antibody is very important to save ourselves from the virus and to survive the effects of the virus.

Her fans, followers, friends and Bollywood celebrities expressed that they are happy that she has survived the virus and is now at the safe space in her comment section.

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