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‘The Ellen DeGeneres show’ twitter handle turns off comments after the Warnermedia allegedly found the racist host to misbehave.

‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ has gained all the limelight after the show host was allegedly found making some racists comments. Many of the crew members lodged a complaint against the show for the misbehavior. According to the reports the show host and the few cast and crew members were involved in the misconduct. Warner media decided to investigate the show closely and find out the actual problem. Warner Media found the workplace unsuitable for the staff to work in. The show host was criticized to provide such a bad working environment. The show host was also charged for making racist comments and promoting racism. All this led to the removal of the comment section from the official Twitter handle of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres show’.

Ellen switched off the comments section and made it accessible only for the limited people. The limited people involved only the people whom she follows. Ellen has to take this big step because all her posts were subjected to bad comments. Fans criticized her show for promoting racism. There were huge slamming and criticism in the comments section. Ellen was unable to tolerate this and limited her comments section. There were reports that Ellen didn’t even give the full payment to her staff and also differentiated them on the basis of racism.

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‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ in trouble.

Telepictures and Warner Media are closely looking at the whole matter. They have decided to involve the third organization to get the whole report if the workplace of the show.

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Everyone is curiously waiting for the results of the investigation. Many celebrities came out in support of Warner Media and appreciated the whole team for looking out at the workplace. Some of the celebrities slammed Ellen for her misconduct. Some of the staff when asked about the show said that the logo of the show, ‘Be Kind’ was only for the reel life. According to him, they were treated very badly on the sets. One of the staff also claimed that the money collected to help people was just a way to gain TRP. Some of the former staff members claimed Ellen to be mean and selfish.